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Craziness continues

I don't know of you all remember but a few months ago I posted about how my daughter's father's girlfriend was calling me like a crazy person. I kind of had a feeling that he didn't know about it. The guy is a piece of **** but he's not stupid. I didn't want to talk to him myself but I just happened to bring it up in a conversation with his sister and the calling stopped almost immediately. Well, about a month ago I sent him a text regarding elli's insurance. He responded and that was that. A couple days later I started getting non stop phone calls from an unknown number. At first I didn't think much of it. I thought it was a sales call or maybe even an unpaid debt that I forgot about or something. The calls kept coming and eventually the person on the other end started breathing all weird into my phone so naturally I assumed it was this crazy ***** again. I talked to a couple different people, wise friends and a sherif and an attorney, about my options and the best way to handle it. I was kind of weighing everything out in my mind and deciding what to do. At that point I couldn't really prove anything and it would have been kind of expensive and a lot of work for something I had no real clear proof of. So then last weekend...SHE FREAKING DROVE BY MY HOUSE!!!!! I live on a private dirt road with about three nosy neighbors who are definitely going to notice a silver Mercedes cruising by! I also saw her myself. Here is the real kicker...her and my ex live 4 hours away from me!!! Homegirl is totally NUTS!!! I freaked out and went and filed for a restraining order the next day. Unfortunately, I don't get a picture or license plate number or anything but one of my neighbors did and another neighbor managed to get a description of her car and the person in it!! I'm totally freaked up though because at this point I have no idea of what she's really capable of. I haven't really said much to anyone about the whe situation but I did start telling people from work and some of my family and close friends and I also wrote down everything I could about my ex and his *****'s phone calls just in case. It's all so creepy.
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Omg, she is obsessed with you mizz!! What is her problem? Can she not handle the fact her boyfriend is linked to someone else with his child? If it's possible, I would try and talk to your ex about it and let him know what's going on, as he may have no idea she is stalking you. He obviously doesn't realise what a psycho he's hooked up with either! You've done all the right things so far like letting people know about it, and I'm sorry that not much more can be done. That's just crazy.
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Oh wow...that is just straight up psycho! Glad you are able to get the restraining order! Stay safe!!!
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Wow lol I have had my fair share of crazy xgfs eeekk...well if u have an iPhone you can record your convos policemen can look up phone records and link the number regardless if they are private..well thank god for nosy neighbors I would get them on your side and have them file something also like trespassing lol..
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