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What's up?

Everybody doing well? Planning 1st birthday parties? Any new babies on the way?
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We just celebrated Genevieve's 1st birthday and our one year nursiversary  on the 17th. She is doing so great! It just blows my mind watching how fast she's learning and growing. No new baby on the way. We are currently just enjoying her and are undecided if we will be having another. I'm excited for the next two weeks to go by because then I'm off work until September when the kids go back to school.
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No more babies here lol!! Bailey is full on now, fourteen months and started walking. He's been sick since last Thursday, had to do a midnight run to the hospital because he got croup and couldn't breathe properly. Was very scary, but once they gave him the steroids for his lungs he was ok, he's just got a cold now, typical runny nose and a cough. I really hope it clears up soon, he's miserable and not sleeping properly. Everything else is good tho, we go to play group, and I joined a mothers group that meets for coffee and lunch, so yeah, stArting to get back into the swing of things.
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We as required trying to get pregnant again....send baby dust this way! I we don't get pregnant basically right now, then next month I have to go in and get set up with fertility drugs. Trying to figure out what to do for Cadence first bday party. Any ideas?
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The twins turn 1 tomorrow!!! I can't believe how fast its all gone. Its insane lol. Glad you are all doing well. I missed you guys!
I've been ok. Just trying to survive. I have been without a phone for a while due to money issues. Degan
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Is doing well. Feeding like a chap. Getting bigger every day! So strange still. Such a mirical
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I can't believe in the last year you had twins and had another baby and went through everything you went through with him!!! Time flies. I'm glad you're all doing well. Flick, have fun tryin for another. ;) hehehe
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We are ;) lol I just hope he doesn't expect this kinda activity after this bahy...I'm wore out! But I've got my eyes on the prize. Lol
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Hahahaha flick!
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