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What's up ladies?

How is everyone doing? How are the babies and the family? We're doing well. Gen just turned 10 months old and is doing great. She finally pulled herself up in her crib a little over a week ago. Starting to plan her bday party but feeling a little bummed that she's going to be 1 soon. It goes way too fast :(         Things have been busy around here. My hubby is going to quit his job of 8 years, driving truck for a local company, to become a self employed truck driver again. The whole thing has me a little nervous but he's unhappy where he is so I hope it work out. My oldest is currently going through testing at school to see if he has autism along with his ADHD. I hate the idea of having him labeled but he's failing school and if this is going to help him be successful then it'll be worth it.
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We're good. It's definitely spring here. My allergies have been out of control. My son had his first track meet of the season this week. He did awesome. There is a girl with Down syndrome on his team and I was so nervous for her but she jumped over every hurdle and came in third. I was do emotional over it. My daughter is 15 months and running around all over the place and testing stuff up. I hope your son can get the help he needs quickly, tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly all these babies are growing!
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That's awesome that he has a team mate who has Down syndrome! My niece has Down syndrome, she's almost 18 months old. I think it's wonderful how enlightened people are becoming and are letting people with Down syndrome be involved in so much compared to what they used to.
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Everything is going well inbthis end. Baby d is doing super. Eating like a champ.all a round a healthy baby. Still tiny to me but hebis growing. :)
My oldest son is doing the same testing. I know what youre going thru. Its so hard to see my son struggle in school so I hope they find the cause so we can help him get back on track. Hes come up with lies about home work.. and just flat out refuses to do any school work at times.says its too hard :(..
Zachary is now walking! AND Joshua is trying. Is holding on to everything. I just cant believe they are already walking. Its crazy theybare growing so fast :(
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So happy to hear baby D is still doing well!  I bet those keep you so busy especially if they are starting to walk. My boys didn't walk until 14 months old and I'm kinda hoping Genevieve follows suit because I'm in no way ready for a walker. I hope they can figure out  something to help your oldest be successful in school. It's so so hard to see your children struggling.
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We are all good over in this neck of the woods lol. Been a bit busy at the moment, i'm working wednesdays and fridays now and Bailey is just fine. He is not walking yet, but standing up and moving across anything he can hold onto, and he just loves getting into the kitchen cupboards! Think he might be like my other two kids and walk at about 14 months. He is still trying to get his balance with letting go of what he's holding onto. His first birthday party is in 2 weeks time so i'm trying to get everything organised for that. Great to hear everybody's bubbies and families are all well :)
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Hello my mommy friends..gosh sorry I have been so out of the loop :/ Kendrick is doing great holding himself up in his crib and in his play pen he is finally like regular crawling not army crawling I'm thinking like walking is right around the corner...I want to get these things called walking wings on target online they help with the transition into walking...Kendrick is teething like crazy..had like 4 teeth come in at once poor baby :/ I had a night out the other night with just a gf and I and I was soo pooped out at like midnight lol..My hubby and I got another car it's used but so much safer I was getting the worst anxiety driving my car so we got a Cadillac srx I love it ! Just local driving since it takes up so much gas eeekk...mygym is really good too Kendrick has lots of baby friends oooo ya also he ate so cat hair that was like a dust bunny but it was cat hair that was shedded off I freaked out and today we were at petsmart and his Pacifier ended up in a corner where there was cat litter it wasn't a lot like a dash of it but still like used 5 arm n hammer wipes and washed he crap out of it I just hope he is ok bc I didn't have another pacifier and he wasn't having it lol....have you ladies have any similar stories about your babies getting into stuff ?
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Tomorrow- I know my son is turning a year in like 3 months eekkk can't believe that it went by soooo fast..I honestly love people with down syndrome they are so wonderful and good hearted..whenever I see them out I try and talk to them..I actually meet two boys that had down syndrome and they were twins identical twins isn't that rare ?

Emma-so happy all of your babies are doing soooo well and baby d is such a fighter ! As for your oldest I think you will find a way to connect with him and see where the struggle is..do you think it's like a cry for attention ?

Mizz-I hate weather changes bc it messes with me too...hot cold hot cold lol the weather can't make up it's mind kinda strange for California..that's great your son is on track..the track kids always run by my house since I live like 5 houses down from my old high school...makes me motivated sometimes to go running then that thought quickly leaves and I end up just being lazy

3rd- I can't wait until I can start to work again honestly I have worked all of my life so it feels kinda strange not working..wow his first bday in 2 weeks eekk what is his theme and we better see pictures
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