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after baby workouts

What does everyone plan on doing to get them self back into shape once babes are born?

I really miss hiking.
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Totally. I was still trying to lose more when we got pregnant.
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Lol me.too. can't wait to hit the trails again once I'm cleared. They will be going with me. I'm not a gym person. I get bored in them. Also surfing. God I miss that
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I'm going back to Insanity, and maybe tryout some yoga.
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Yaga is nice. I do some still. What is insanity tho?
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It's a 60 day high intensity workout. I have the dvds and I did it before with great results. I started it again but then I got preggo so I had to stop. It's a great workout!
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Yaga hmm emma sounds like a new workout ill have to try that lol

I miss dancing used to gogo dance prebaby so try and get back into dance classes or something miss them
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