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car seats....

I HATE THEM!!! lol ok that was my rant. Now to my question.
when do we switch from rear facing to forward?? I'm confused
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Your babies have to be at least a year. I think the weight limit is 20 lbs but I'm not sure. My daughter was so small I didn't put her in a rear facing until 14 months. Also, in california the law will be changing to 2 years in a rear facing. The law hasn't gone into effect yet and I'm not sure when it will but for now it's just highly recommended. I hate dealing with car seats too. How are all the babies?
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Until 2?? Holy cow that's gotta be uncomfortable. But I suppose safety over comfort is best.
All kids are doing well. Hand full for sure but good. Imiss you girls aa lot.
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Here in Aussie we turn the seats around to forward facing when they weigh 8 kilos, so I think it was about 5 or 6 months for bailey. I think I turned mine when bailey was about 7 kilos actually, because he would cry and be uncomfortable trying to sit up when he was facing rear.
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I turned mine around when Kendricks legs were beginning to scrunch up but I think it was close to when he was a year and he loves being able to look outside the window
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