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hellooo my fellow hot mamas:-)

Wow I have been so out of the loop but just wanted to say hi before I disappear again lol

Kendrick and I will be celebrating our milestone bday together since they r so close together anyways...I'll be 30 :/ but turning 21 in my head hahaha....

But what a month I was having my hubby was diagnosed was testicular cancer but turns out he didn't have it and my grandma her memory is slipping and she is falling into dementia not the greatest person to be around definitely not ideal for the baby to be around her a lot...my aunt and uncle wanted me and my hubby and the baby to move in with her but that is a no go she thinks bc I'm not working I can watch my grandma but hmmmm hello I didn't know that being a mom wasn't a job and not putting my family in an unstable situation no thank you lol....

But other then that I've is peachy Kendrick is really trying hard to walk and has been regular bear crawling everywhere..but can't really go far bc my mom is such a hoarder and Kendrick like goes after the cats and dog lol so ya finding our own place is going to be asap...

How r u ladies doing
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Hi kat!!! That must have been so scary, everything you went through with your hubby!!! I'm glad he's ok.
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Glad it turned out to be a false alarm! Hoping you guys find a place soon! It's more work than kids to be a caregiver for your elderly family.  And the relationship changes.
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