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tired of crying wolf!

I swear i have been in labor all week! Last night was the worsed! Hours of contractions sleepless night and totally emotional! I tild my partner i feel like um crying wolf cause nothing is happening! Wish she would just come already! I hurt i cant walk without pain. Im tired! Wat u guys think am i just crazy? Lol somethings got to give!
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That would make any woman go a wee bit crazy sweets. You're getting so close tho. Hang in there and your babe will see you soon... just try to rest as much as possible. Try getting a massage to help your joint.. tell hubby you need it. I wish you all the luck girl.

I'm going to make a little guess.. just a guess tho ... you will be in labor withing the next couple days! 2 tops..
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:( sorry you are hurting so bad. I hope your munchkin makes his debut soon.
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Thnx guys i really appreciate all the support i get from u guys! I sure hope she comes soon i just want it to be over! How u ladies holding up?
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She will be son mama! Lol. I'm doing okie dokie right now. Bored and about to pass out. Lol
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I was just like that at the end of my first pregnancy.  I feel for you. I couldn't even get off the couch without my husband's help because I had so much pain. Hang in there..they ended up stripping my membranes to get labor officially started.. have they mentioned anything like that to you?
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No they jus say wait pretty much. Im doing much better today then i have in over a week. I guess she givin her momma a break! I got some really good rest though too. Man its 930 now and im rdy to sleep!
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Im so jealous that u r going to see your baby soon but thr fact that u r in so much pain and uncomfortable sorry sista :(
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Thnx kat! Soon ur day will come too its been a long ride our jouneys just started at diff times!
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