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So we finally had Cadences sleep study and they found issues. Duh. Her tonsils are at +3 which means they are blocking 50 to 75% of her airway.  We go in the 18th to hopefully get a surgery date.

Still not pregnant with our 2nd yet. Going to talk to my ob about fertility drugs. Cady turns 1 next week and we are doing a party on the 19th.
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Oh flick, I'm so glad they found a cause for the problem! Hopefully after the surgery all is well! And don't give up on having number two, just relax, it will happen when least expected that's for sure! All the best, Michelle.
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That's great flick!!! I'm so glad you found the cause and can now do something about it. That must be such a huge relief.
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I can't believe it's been a year!! All these babies are growing so fast!!
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What a huge relief!! Hope surgery goes well for her. Happy birthday! We've all made it the first year!!!
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Omg I'm so happy for you and I can destress even I'm not cadys mommy it was still  stressful hearing about I would freak out if that happened to Kendrick
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Surgery is scheduled for October 1st. They actually don't know for sure if it's the tonsils causing the apnea or an excess flap of skin over her vocal chords. They will go in and decid then...could be one or both. At least it's at children's hospital.  It makes me feel much more comfortable.  We have a minimum 1 night stay. Recovery should take a week less than an 8 year old dven. So that is good.
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That's great!! I bet you're so relieved!! How things going with trying for a second baby?
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Still trying.  
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You know what they say...practice makes perfect
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