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update :)

Hey girls! I was just reading everyone else's posts! Congrats Kat and Flickan! So happy for both of you. Its odd how when Emma started this..it felt like we would never have our babies and now all of
the originals have! It makes me komd of weepy..lol. Ellianna is almost 8 weeks old! She is an awesome baby! We are all doing great..but I have too many commitments now. I have the school board, home and school, Jr achievement, and out reach at my church..and I don't want to do any of it.. I just want to stay home with her and my boys! We started going to the pool and all the kids enjoy it. Hope all is well with everyone!
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Thanks. Cane believe that yours is 2 months already. Time flies!!
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Happy to hear all is going well. I completely understand just wanting to just stay home with baby. All I have to do is think about going back to work and I want to cry. With my last one I only worked 3 days a week for 3 hours a day until he was 18 months old.
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Its fast how times flies by but im soo excited for him to get bigger and take him places and just see him light up...im still pretty sore from squeezing out my big baby but it was worth it :) thanks almostmommyof5 to think of flickan and I very sweet of you and congrats on your lil heaven sent present also idk how u take care of 5 kids its hard taking care of one !!!
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8 weeks old wow time flies! I cant believe it. Not too long ago we were all complaining of pregnancy pains lol. Im so proud of everyone on this group. We have grown so much! Im looking forward to what the future hold for us. May it be blessed!
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I really think we should all do a reunion !! Like all meet up somehow like pick a place thats in the middle for everyone and meet :)))
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Lol Kat! It is interesting at my house.. never a dull moment!
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