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A new start has born in the USA

Jacob was born last week - c -section.

Jacob is 10 pounds, 23 L. He is very healthy baby boy and of course gorgeous!....Every doctor ad nurse were"awww" of how gorgeous he is.

I thank god for all the blessings , my husband , my whole family and friends are extremelly happy..about me?...i still crying everytime i see him..i had love him since the day i start TTC.

This baby was very wanted and now is very loved by all of us...my cats and dogs are so happy as well and intrigue a lit bit about the new "brother"

Thanks to Adgal and other foums members who helped me with so many questions  with all those "silly" test numbers that got me so nervious since  am 42y/o.

Many people here are very nice and help each other  ad i hope this continue the same. For all those(not to many) who think they know so much because the "google it" let me tell you that even  you "google it"  is not the same and this is why we have this forums to ask each other silly questions and things that comes to our mind..yes its internet but i felt the warm in all the forums for all these great woman trying TTC or pregnant.

I love seeing woman come together and help each other...Keep the good work!

god bless you all....I might not be in the forum as often or maybe for good but i have to say thanks to all of you for being there for each other..It was a great 9 months ride with all of you.

good luck to everyone...god bless you all

The happiest woman in the world

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Thanks....its been such a pleasure meeting you all in this forum...god bless you all

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Congratulations!! I hope you are enjoying your little one!!
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