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Anyone doing Natural? Waterbirth?

Just curious as to those out there planning on Natural birth and possibly a waterbirth?  I know that water is nature's epidural and can't wait to float around for mine.  I am going to do a birth center with natural birth.  Yes, they do have the drugs that can take the edge off, but I cannot take them as I have asthma.
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Not I.  I plan on getting the epi unless for some reason labor progresses too quickly and I just have to go without.
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Homebirth for me! It's normal for women in Holland to give birth at home (about 25% of all births happen at home around here) and I won't go to the hospital until my midwife says I have to. So, no pain meds, no ED... The waterbirth thing doesn't really appeal to me. I'm really excited!
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I have looked into water births and have considered it, but I'm just too scared of the unknown and want an epidural if needed. So I have opted to NOT do a water birth this time. Maybe after the first baby and I know a little more of what to expect. I do wish you the best of luck and hope you get the calming and relazing experience you are looking for! :)
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we dont have water births were i am it would be nice to have one, i did 2 natural already because i was progressing to quick, i am going to ask for a epi but i know i will be going natural lol
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