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Birth plans...

Hi ladies!

I'm curious about everyones birth plans! Please share what birthing method you'll be using (ha, if you're using one at all!), who all will be in the room, any plans for pain medication, etc...I know I definitely benefit from hearing other peoples plans because I just know there are SO many options!

Also, do you plan on exclusively breastfeeding? And if so, for how long?

I'll start with what I know so far:

I'm kind of going in without a birth plan. I am going to be taking a birthing class-but I think it's just going to go over what to expect... I'm not totally turned off by the idea of an epidural, but I definitely see the benefit of going without one. I'm thinking I'll be okay with other people in the room while I'm laboring, but during delivery- i think justly husband. I think I'd snap too much at my mom if she was in the room :)

I'm still on the fence about breastfeeding. I know how beneficial it is, but I'm going back to work when he's 12 weeks old, and at my job its super hard to get away- let alone frequently enough to pump. Oh if only we could win the lotto so i could stay home!! :)

Please share! I'll be interested to read everyones game plan! :)  

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I'm in the UK and have been told that arrangements for my birth plan are discussed at 34 weeks with a midwife.  Has anyone else in the UK sorted theirs already?  I would like to have a water birth but I know that my hospital has little spaces for this, it just depends on how busy they are! I thought that I would like to try lammas classes too but have to wait a few weeks (around week 32) I believe, I just hope bump doesn't decide to make an early appearance!

I don't understand why things have to be left so late it would be far more reassuring to know that all this was in place, but when I asked my consultant last week just got a standard response of that's how they do it - just have to keep my legs crossed !!  

Is anyone else hoping to have a water birth in a hospital birthing pool?  What info if any have you been given?
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I'm going to take a one day class on dealing with anxiety during labor and delivery and they're also going to go over my options for pain management. I'm going to opt for pain meds instead of an epidural because I've done some research on it and I didn't like what I read. My husband is going to be the only one in the room with me, I couldn't handle a lot of people being in there with me because when I'm in pain I tend to become a complete b*tch and no one deserves to have to put up with that, so I'm going to keep telling myself that I love my husband and I wanted this baby as much as he did so hopefully I won't b*tch at him too much lol.
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i have a brith plan. the pain management part im still not sure bout, it will be more about in the moment on what i decide. whether i go with an epi or demerol or natural etc. i don't wanna be tied down so im leaning more towards natural atleast until i get to pushing anyways but who knows. I only want my fiance and I and of course the doc when im delivering because we created this beautiful baby together and its our journey and we just want it to be a special and intimate moment. As for labor I don't mind who's in there. i dont want to labor on my back though. i want to be up- shower, squatting, walking, standing etc we both want my fiance to cut the cord and do most of the delivery if they'll allow him and all is going well. as for the rest its a we'll see how it goes
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I'm having a home delivery. Since I'm living on my own and there's nobody to drive me to a hospital, it's easier for me to just stay at home. I have a great doctor and it's pretty normal for women in Holland to have home deliveries. I can just relax, I know where everything is and the nurse will clean up afterward. It also means I won't be having an epidural, but thats ok. I've never been one for painkillers/medicine when I don't need it. I know childbirth hurts, there will probably be a point where I wish I could get an epidural, but when it's over I'm sure it's all forgotten.

As for who's there with me: obviously my doc/nurse, my mom and the baby's father when I start pushing. I don't want him there while I'm going through contractions; I don't like him much any more and don't want added stress to the whole pain thing. He lives 1,5 hours away from me, so it might take a while for him to even get there. Not sure when I'm going to call him though; when I start getting contractions or when I'm already further in and dilated more.
I absolutely don't want his family there in my house while I'm giving birth. They have showed no interest in me or my pregnancy so far, didn't hear a word from them during the holidays and what not. I don't want to worry about people sitting in my living room while I'm having contractions, so they'll have to figure out for themselves where they're going to stay while I'm in labor.
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Planning a VBAC for this one -- baby #3 (baby #1 was a vaginal delivery; baby #2 c-section after failed induction -- turns out his umbilical cord was only 6" and he couldn't come out vaginally).  

I am planning to get an epidural if I feel I need it, once I get up to 4cm.  I had one after 16 hours (4 hours of pitocin) with baby #1 and a few hours into the induction with baby #2.  I am not adverse to them but HATE the dead weight legs feeling and being strapped to the bed :(  

NO EPISIOTOMY (never had one with baby #1 and don't want one now).

Got permission to go up to 2 weeks past my due date to allow myself to go into labor myself.  If no baby 2 weeks post-date, will have to settle for the c-section.

Plan to breastfeed for 12 months exclusively (pumping 3 times a day at work once I return when he is 12 weeks) -- I did it for baby #2.  #1 never latched right (even with multiple lactation consultants helping over a few weeks) so I pumped for 4 mos until I dried up.  She has 4 food allergies and baby #2 that I nursed for 12 mos has none.  It may be luck or may have something to do with it -- who knows.  We are an allergic family (though none to food except DD -- aka baby #1).

No one in the room for the actual delivery but my husband and the doc/nurse.  My mom was there for the pushing for baby #1 (she was at my head) and that was great but she and my dad were HORRIBLE for baby #2 (not supportive, tired, and bitching as my induction failed after 20 hours since they drove 12 hours to attend the induction and I ended up with the c-section) -- I am not dealing with that again.  They can come during my labor and after he is born, but they are not going to be there for the event (if I can help it).  My mom is VERY persuasive and has worked in a hospital for about 28 years so she usually gets her own way :(
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as for my birth plan i dont have one, the doctor wants to induce me because of my fast labors, i am choosing NO. i will however probably get a membrane sweep again, and depending how much pain and how fast i progress will determine if i get a epi haha. i wilv probably do natural again. I am hoping to it me and hubby and maybe my mom depending when i go in..my kids will need to be watched until they can come see me, as well.i need to see if i can get a private room this time, last time i didn't, plus we can only have grandparents and kids visit and the dad. and 1 friend. so that a plus, i had to stay and extra night because of  my hemorrhage last time and hoping i do not need any intervention after wards..

as fro breastfeeding i breastfeed my DD for 18 months, my plan this time is not do as long and bottle feed as well because i still have my dd on my boobs even tho she has stopped and i do not want 2 of them. i will do exclusive for at least 6.. but not sure guess we will see how this baby takes to it..
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It will be just my hubby in the room for the delivery this time...for my daughter's birth 4 years ago it was he, my mom, and my mom in law in the room for the delivery (I am close to both mom's and DD was the first grandchild, so I thought it would be a wonderful experience for them to both get to see.)  This time my mom won't be able to be here when he is born, and MIL will be watching DD.  I think it will be nice for just my hubby and I to be there for the delivery.  At my next appointment I will be discussing pain management options with my OB.  I had an epidural with DD, but I really think I would have been fine with lesser meds just to take the edge off the pain.  I had an easy time pushing with DD, but I couldn't feel a thing during (or after for quite a while).  I'd kind of like to have some sensation.  We shall see though...I am flexible.

I had a hell of a time breastfeeding DD...she was impatient to boot and we never got a good latch.  (Plus, there was no lactation consultant on staff at the hospital as I delivered a late Friday evening and they didn't have anyone for the weekend).  I pumped exclusively for 6 months (and as a working mom who returned to work after 6 weeks, this was quite difficult).  I would have like to have provided milk longer than that, but that was all I could do.  This time around, I am going to take a breastfeeding class and work with a lactation consultant before hand so that hopefully my son and I will have an easier time of it.  I am only returning to work part time, so that should help. I will be VERY CLEAR to all of the nurses at the hospital that my son is to have NO pacifier or bottle (I didn't do that with DD and once they took her out of the room because she was having a hard time getting her temp regulated, and when she came back she had a big fat paci in her mouth...didn't help me trying to get her to latch!)

I took a childbirth class with DD that was really helpful with the pushing part.  It didn't do squat for the pain, but I learned some visualization techniques that really helped.  Got her out in just 3 pushes.  I think I had a really pretty easy delivery with my daughter, I only hope I am so lucky this time around.  I'm still debating whether I should take another since it has been over 4 years.
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So, my plan is to have a private room (my hospital ONLY has private Birthday Suites) and to try without an epidural. But if I need one, I am VERY open to having one! I start birthing classes on the 23rd of this month and will take a breastfeeding class next month. I also intend on taking a child care course in March and I am looking into an infant CPR course, but not sure when I will take that one.

In reagard to having people in the room with me, I am very open to that situation. Of course my darling hubby will be with me. And I want to include my mom as well, but she lives out of state and getting here on time might be an issue. Also, I would like to include my mother in law. She's very excited about this birth and her daughter (while close) prefers a more private experience and does not allow her mom to participate in most things. I am also open to one of my sister in laws being there with me if she is able to make it from out of town.

I have another SIL that insists on being there, but I don't know her that well and she has offended me one too many times. Not sure how to tell her to not bother coming...DH is getting pretty mad at her recently, so maybe he will just tell her to stay home.

I plan on going back to work after my 6 weeks of maternity leave. I can't really afford to take off more time than that. I will be pumping like a mad woman before I go back to work in hopes of still being able to provide exclusively breastmilk to baby Ava. I have a very nice pump and a private fridge at work, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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my birth plan goes as the following... just wing it, i did it like that with my son and him being a posterior baby i had a back labor so it was painful and i had an epidural.. but if all goes to plan this time i will most likely have the gas and if it's too unbearable or too long then most likely will be another epidural..

as for breastfeeding i will be exclusively doing it as it's more convenient just to pop him on the boob and not have to sterilize bottles as such and will have a supply frozen for when i return back to work cause i'm taking 4 months off and then he will be put onto the bottle but with breast milk that i have pumped and back on the boob when i'm at home, and i will be getting a car fridge so i can pump milk between shifts and keep it cold to either have ready for the next day or to freeze, and if that doesn't go to plan and bubs self weens like my son did then it will be formula as a last resort.

Good luck and hope all goes well for you it's getting closer and even the nerves are starting to kick in here to, went and had a look at the birth suite yesterday. i can't belive i have only 12 weeks until my little man arrives
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Lets start with winning the lotto!....lol...ahh

I will totally have the epidural so no doubt on that, I dont want to feel any pain at all if possibe but.... most likely it seems like I will have a  "c" Section  since the baby is a big baby already, (i barely can walk..) and I am 26 weeks only.

As per friends and family who has the experience already this is the best:
I will have  a mix of  baby"formula" and pump for the night time and during the day I will give him the baby "formula" and then I will follow to breast feeding.
I have 2 months after giving birth to stay home so hopefully he will learn to have all of them together.

Getting ready:
We are looking to get a class of birthing class but so far we are looking at videos  and a show in "lifetime" tv on tuedays at 9pm  or 10pm  about giving birth so check it out.

I would love to have a private room  so I am making an appoinment to see the rooms at this hospital closed to my house where my doctor deliver all the babies, so hopefully it will be very private.

I am very nervious about it and anxious as well.  I can not wait until May!

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