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Liquid from breasts @ 26 weeks, 3 days???

Since week 16th I started noticing yellowish dots in my brass; I mentioned to my Dr and he said it’s normal.
Yesterday I was putting into my pajamas and checking my nipples, I guess I squeezed them a little and a drop, maybe less, of white-yellowish liquid dropped from each nipple.
Being this my first pregnancy I wanted to check if you might have experience something similar; I know our bodies are getting ready but isn’t a bit early for that?
I will mention it to my Dr next appointment but this got me curious.
Thank you,
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nothing yet, my nipples look normal just a little bid darker.
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I haven't seen actual liquid yet, but I do have "crusty nipples" almost every day. I know it's gross and my sisters thinks it's funny...they even posted a little note about it on facebook (how nice). LOL

It's just a normal part of pregnancy. I guess I'm just glad mine is dry and not leaving stains or marks on my clothes yet!
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Its normal.  You bbs are gearing up for nursing...it isn't too early for them to start producing colostrum.  This happens to many women early on.  It is also normal for it NOT to happen.....everyone is different.
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