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First time sex with a sex worker

Hi All... This was my first time sex with a sex worker, who had already completed 7 to 8 intercourse with others. Below are the steps of what I did during my sex process.
1. She gave me blow up job but with condoms on my penis. Immediately after the blow up job, I removed the condoms as I had a bit of ejaculation, cleaned the sperm with tissue paper.
2. Now used a new condom and started with vaginal intercourse for about 15 to 20 mins. During this process I inserted my penis deep inside her vagina, kissed her forehead,
Licked and pressed her boobs. Kissed around neck areas. But didn't kiss mouth to mouth. About 20 mins I felt a jerk or ejaculation, I removed my penis out of vagina immediately and I would see sperm inside condoms. Removed the condoms and cleaned the sperm with a tissue again.
While removing condoms a drop of semen spilled over her thigh. But there no direct contact of my penis here.
3. After removing condoms and cleaning sperm, I rubbed my penis with my hands and removed remaining sperm out from the pipe.
But there was no contact with her during this process.
--Now my questions and concerns are does this lead to any STD or hiv
and this is  really worrying because it was a first time sex and the sex worker had an intercourse with 7 to 8 others before my turn.
--I also appear to have sore thoart, after 3 hrs from the time of sex. Not sure because I was drenched in rain while returning back home

Please let me know if there is any risk of STD and HIV in this process.

Thank you all.
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