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HSV1 - differentiate between prodrome, outbreak or asymptomatic viral shedding?

Hi, I am a female diagnosed of genital HSV1 in Nov 2016. From Jan 2017, I have been having severe itching on scalp, face, chin, inside ears, around eyes, in and around nostrils, back, tummy, legs, underarms and genitals most of the days. Driving me crazy. I have no sores anywhere. I do not understand whether this is prodrome,outbreak or asymptomatic viral shedding?? Anybody having similar symptoms?? I took valtrex for 10days first time I got diagnosed and that's it. I did all other blood tests and urine test to rule out any allergies and thyroid and kidney functions. All ok. For the past week I have been having more severe symptoms as above including leg pain and muscle pain in lower back and discharge. Could I get sores on scalp?
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