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3 decades

maybe you had a favorite in the 60's, 70's & 80's or if you are younger more recent decades. might be fun, i'm new at this. beatles, cream, and dire straits.
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I can NOT think of only one favorite for the sixties so.....

60's  Blind Faith, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Donovan, Iron Butterfly, Little Feat

70's  Led Zepplin

80"s  hmmm....hated the 80's music so I'll say INXS

90's   Alice in Chains.

Love music.  Love these games : )
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the Beatles   60's
Led Zeppelin owned the 70's
Aerosmith    80"s
  U2               90's
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I'm only 17 yrs old very soon to be 18, but I enjoy the older classics a lot more than the newer music. So I'm going to list those instead:

--> Fleetwood Mac is one of the many bands I enjoy from the 60's

--> ZZ Top, The Eagles, Queen, and The Who are only some of the bands I enjoy       from the 70's

--> Duran Duran is one of the many bands I enjoy from the 80's

In summary I enjoy all kinds of music from the 80's and earlier. I even enjoy the classics of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Mozart.

Some of the "huge list" of songs I really enjoy:

1. Hungry Like the Wolf..............Duran Duran

2. I'm Alright.................Kenny Loggins

3. Say you will.................Fleetwood Mac

4. Eye of the Tiger...............Survivor

5. Moonlight Sonata................Ludwig Van Beethoven

I too really like these games. :)
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Led Zeppelin owned the world!!!!!!
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Amen to that!
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Sara you are the poet in my heart
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70s---David Bowie
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60's Beatles
70's Carol King & Disco Music
80's Meatloaf
90's 6 Degrees
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