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What is the craziest thing you would do for love or money?

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well for love i got married oh god what a mistake that was....
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lol..........thats not very nice..but thats not that crazy either since alot of people get married .......how far would you go for moneyy then
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Cross the Channel, England,  to the Canary isles, sail across the Atlantic into the Caribean ,through the Panama Canal and up the coast  to Los Angeles, in a 35ft Boat!!! Well I almost did except on the crossing I was thrown in a storm busted some Ribs,sailed back into safe harbor in Cornwall England,  and flew to Los Angeles instead, Hey I am still here 21years later and now an American!! and all for Love....and thats another weird story!
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Vote Republican - and I'm not an American citizen  = )

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