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a name

Since they started this social site i ahve been paying  attention to the ages of most of us.. the majority of us that come here regularely is between 40 and the late 50's.. so i though it would be neat oif we could come up witha nickname for here.. if you all think this is almae idea thats cool just tell me and i will go to my corner and cry gently so noone hears me. this is just a mindless fun stupid thing to do.. and to be honest i want to chuckle at th names that we can come up with  so lets give it a try or tell me to go pound sand...lol
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Well, if you look at pop culture and what we all used to watch and listen to you could possibly use:

- Cheers (the bar)
- Al's (from Happy Day's)
- Copa Cabana (from the song)
- The Hop (from the song)
- Fantasy Island or the Love Boat
- Kokamo (from the movie Cocktail)

That's all I can think of right now.
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Okay i mean no harm here at all.......

The Depends Gang???
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The Old and The Restless LMAO

I aint old but I find myself here daily 34 for the record
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Survivors Anonimous
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Geezers R US

gentle hugs
Gezzerette(aka) Angel

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Butch Cassidy and the Suncance Geriatrics
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hey alienshadow!! isnt it the old and the Useless LOL

days of our miserable lives ~~~~~~~~~

wrinklies annonimous~~~~~~~~~~~
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THis is great. Those were REALLY good but all I could think of was "One Day At A Time" or     "Romper Room"!!  okay .....where's the hollow mirror? cuz  I think I see Jollyman ,Marypops,hrt 3105 and Alienshadow ... and now I see kitty51 and Dominosarah   (ok now I feel really old or just like a "weirdee" !! )    LAM   [email protected]
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i got 10 years on you....lmao
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The Old and the Useless --thats how I feel now. Haven't slept all night . Time to leave for Atlanta. Think I've got you all beat, with age that is. Maybe that's why I've parked here, You all make me feel younger. Always on your toes, and with  intelligent responses.  Love ya.    Madlyn
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They are all good!!!  Thanks for the laugh this morning.  I can't think of anything right now but the rest were great!!!
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the beehive
the den
the type-alots
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Christmas is coming! this has nothing to do with anything here at the moment just wanted to write something.
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The Justice League!!!

Go 1980's Saturday morning cartoons!!!!


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Well, we go back to puberty when we get old? Why not call it: Babies R Us?

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how about the Wanna bees......we all wanna be something, heathier, happier, emotionally stabler
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I'm only in my late 30s, but if you have a Depends gang I want in. ha ha ha I qualify I'm in the bathroom 30 in the day alone.

My body is fighting with me, it says I'm in my 60. Osteoporosis, a Cataract, arthritic in my left knee,( sometimes I have to use my cane), arthritic in my wrists, circulation problems. I pee more than a pregnant woman. And I have daily headaches on top of that.

If any one feel like lifting me up in prayer, I could use it. The list above is actually symptoms of bigger struggles I have. Thank. Naming yourselves is cool.

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