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the good Old Days ( age yourself)

what do you remember being different when you were young?

I remember no remote for the tv OMG and it was black and white we had to get up and walk all the way across the room to change the channel

I remember my mom saying she would never have a microwave that was for lazy people

so  share  how technology. etc...has changed since the good old days
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I remember we could leave our doors unlocked, and not worry about it

Me and my brothers could play outside and not worry about some pervert taking one of us

Getting 3 channels on the TV...that was on a good night....lol

Ane we respected are parents and elders
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I remember the milkman delivering milk to the house in glass bottles with the tin foil on the top.......my mom left a sign in the window stating how many bottles she wanted and he came in the house and put them in the refrig.  Same with the dry cleaners.....

Having only 2 channels on the black and white tv and if it was stormy nothing came in!!

We had to find our own entertainment as kids.......no electronics!!

Banana bike with a front basket!!

Wearing shorts under our dresses or skirts!!!!!!!!
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sarah I remember the milkman too lol

brian true that about respecting elders

I remember getting a crack on the gluteous maximus for being bad in school hard w a paddle!
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I can't say I grew up in the old days but I know theirs things we'll never get to experience ever again.

Like I remember:
.....when Saturday morning cartoons were the shyt!! TRANSFORMERS & X-MEN
..... (my parents could more understand this) when you could ride for almost two weeks on ten dollars of gas
......when kids actually played OUTSIDE
......when being a virgin was praised and not ridiculed
......when women's jeans covered their bum
......hotcombs: the sound/pain of sizzling grease sliding down your ear knowing you better not move
....Feeling connected to the Spice Girls!! :D ahahaha
....big brown cable box that sat on top of the TV you had to get up and push the buttons on
.....blowing in my Nintendo cartridges to get them to work
...when i was too scared to watch nightmare on elmstreet and candyman
....I carried all my music around on tapes and CDs
....Having to turn off everything in the house when a thunderstorm rolled through
....Floppy Disks
....not knowing who was calling until you answered the phone
....jelly shoes
… printer paper had thick blue and white strips and holes on the side
....penny candies
....when VHS tapes when they got tangled in the player
...good music: rakim, slick rick, run dmc lol wow...

Most of these are actually technology. I'm sure theirs a ton more but whatever... this is what i've come up with  :D
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Going to the library for all your research for school.

Riding your bike or walking to school - now most kids take a bus or get driven by parents.

Being free to explore the world with no concerns for 'the bad guys'

Taking the bus for a quarter.

Watching old movies on Sunday morning - Shirley Temple, Ma Kettle, Three Stooges, etc.  After dinner on Sunday's it was Guy Lombardo, Hee Haw, Laugh In and Carol Burnett.

The family getting all dressed up to go to the first McDonald's in town - they didn't know what fast food was!

Spending an hour to make my hair look like Farrah Fawcett's, only to have it melt shortly thereafter.

Typing (on a typewriter) financial statements, tax returns and letters in my first job out of high school.  Carbon paper and white out!
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Cloth diapers and plastic pants. No pampers! My kids were all potty trained by the ripe old age of 2. I have a daughter with a 4 year old in diapers! NO WAY!

Black and white television, no remote

Kids played outside back then! Got the neighbors together and everyone played baseball in the empty lot on the corner.

You respected your parents or didnt live to tell about it! Now its free expression is healthy.

Someone that had sex before marriage was a ho

Telephones were hooked into the wall and only had one bell! Or ring to it.

Cars were built for safety and you never heard of seat belts? Or helmets for bicycles!

Wow! I wonder how we survived?

Oh and my favorite! Wringer washers!
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I remember families leaving out on Sunday morning going to church. Now most stay home.

I remember 8 track tapes.

we went barefoot in the summer.

We ate what was served to us, and did not fuss because it was not what we wanted to have.

clothes hung out to dry.

going to grandparents house Sunday afternoons.

families getting together more than at Christmas.

meals were eaten at the table, instead of in front of the TV

blessing said before meals.

Lay-a-way for school clothes and Christmas time

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nobody had computers....yet (lol now we have 2 working on #3)
only 1 tv in the house (we have 3, my mom has 5)
vhs tapes
nintendo (not nintendo64, wii, or anything just plain old nintendo)
playing outside
sunday dinner at grandmas house
being able to play outside and not have to worry about kids being kidnapped or drive by shootings
gas was $1.00
everyone looked out for everyone else
we didn't have to lock our doors
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remember running the diaper pins thru your hair to make them easier to get thru the double diaper at night and stabbing your brains??!!!
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Oh Yeah! And I remember having a bucket of dreft or bleach water to keep em in!  My fingers were forever sore too! lol   Oh my we sure are telling our age!
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I remember gas being 64cents a gallon,

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I remember our groceys being delivered, mom would call in our order once a week.

watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show

Lyndon Johnson he would seek another term in office

the assinations of Rev.King, and Sen Kenneday

watching them bring our hero's home from Vietnam who were killed, every evenin on the news

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