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10 Little Tips to Feel Happier...Right Now!

Ten Little Tips to Feel Happier Right Now

1. Smile. Raise the corners of your mouth. Pretty soon the smile will become genuine.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly. Focus your entire attention on each in-breath and out-breath.

3. Take a walk by yourself. Focus on each step and on your breathing.

4. Count your blessings. Make a gratitude list. Everyone has thousands of things to be thankful for.

5. Be thankful for those who serve you. Make a list of those you depend upon. Everyone has many people who help along the way. Don't forget those who grow and deliver your food, keep your electricity and telephone running, provide emergency medical care, and protect the safety of your community and your nation.

6. Forgive someone for something right now. Release the resentment and anger. This practice is for you to become happier. Telling the other person is a bonus.

7. Stretch your body. Do yoga, do qigong, or just stand and stretch.

8. Turn on happy music and dance. Don't stop 'til you're tired. Maybe join a Latin Fitness Dance group. Maybe dance all by yourself. Choose music that makes you want to move and keep moving.

9. Be of service. Find someone who has worse troubles than you and do something nice for them today.

10. Have a conversation with God (or whatever you call your Higher Power).

Hi All, I got this in my email today and, after reading it, I realized, that, I do almost everything on this list...or at least try to...so I wanted to share it with ALL of you
P.S.  They really work!!  I think a certain amount of wisdom comes with age, When I was much younger, I would have scoffed at such a list!  Do any of you, out there, over 50, find this to be true, and wonder, how we ever survived being young and UN-enlightened (sounds better than stupid, LOL)  We thought we had the world by the tail and knew more than anyone else did, especially, our parents!!  I remember, when I was 49, I apologized to my MOM, on a daily basis, for not appreciating her immense WISDOM, back then! ;)  I just hope, I live long enough, to get that same apology, from my daughter...LMAO!!!!!!!  Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!!  hugsssss ;)
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Hi joyce.  

I also love doing unexpected nice things out of the ordinary esp. to thank people who least expect it.  No matter how badly I may be feeling that day, I'll end up going home feeling like I'm on Clould 9.  It really does make me feel better!  Well, actually, that was an understatement....it actually makes me feel rejuvenated, healthy and well, in mind, body and spirit. :  )

Thank you for sharing this.

Blessings and Pleasant thoughts to you.
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What a wonderful post, if more folks did these there would be more happiness and even less sickness in the world. Everyone should copy this and post it somewhere where they can see it daily, it is great.
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I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!!  It really does work!!  Blessings of kindness to you both.  ;)
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