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Hello everybody,

My name is Daquan Gibson, I am new to this forum. If any inconvenience, I apologize for that. I want to know about the topic of Herbal Medicine. I have not found the introduction thread in this forum. If there is any mistake done by me, then kindly forgive me for that. I want your support and cooperation by all the forum members of this site.

Thanks and Regards,
Daquan Gibson
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Hi there, welcome to med help!  You are currently on the social forum.  This particular thread is a good place to discuss fun things and get to know people.  

Herbal medicine would probably fall under 'alternative medicine' here.  You go to the above tool bar and look for 'forums' on the left hand side of the tool bar.  You bring up a page when clicking on that which are med help communities.  On the left hand side of the page, go to A and find alternative medicine for a member community on the subject you are looking for.  

good luck and again, welcome
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We also have an expert forum called   Acupuncture and Chinese medicine   go back to the forums page and look to your right for Acupuncture ...good luck and welcome to Med Help ..
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