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Baby Boomer Boogie

Baby Boomer Boogie

Are you a baby boomer? If you remember any
of these things you can call yourself one of "us."


Cruising on a Friday night, listening
to the Top 40 on your AM radio.

You remember the thrill of watching
television for the first time.

. When there were only 3 TV channels --
and it was so hard to choose what to watch!

What a TV test pattern looked like, when
the channel went off the air at midnight.

Where you were when JFK was shot...
(or RFK)...(or MLK, Jr.)...

When the Beatles sang "I want to
hold your hand" to Ed Sullivan.

Watching the first man walk on the
moon with "one small step."

You washed your hair with
Halo or Breck shampoo.

You remember Burma Shave.

Bryl Cream.....a little dab will do ya!

When the price of a brand new car $3000.

You were born before:

Television, penicillin, polio shots, frozen foods,
Xerox, contact lenses, frisbees and The Pill.
We were born before radar, credit cards,
  laser beams, and ballpoint pens.
Before panty hose, dishwashers, clothes dryers,
electric blankets, air conditioners,
drip-dry clothes
and before man walked on the moon.

Back in the good old days...

Cigarette smoking was fashionable.
GRASS was mowed.
COKE was a cold drink.
POT was something you cooked in.
AIDS were helpers in the Principal's office.

So What's The Difference?

Then: Rolling Stones.
Now: Kidney stones.

Then: Keg.
Now: EKG.

Then: Passing the driver's test.
Now: Passing the vision test.

Then: "Whatever"
Now: "Depends"

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And Red Skelton came on after the Ed Sullivan show!!!!
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535822 tn?1443976780
very good I definatly remember most of them !!
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541953 tn?1262586226
I remember alot of them, do you remember gas wars at the gas stations, where they pumped the gas? gas was 24 cents a gallon and cigarettes were 35 cents and you bought them out of a machine..boy do I feel old now. lmfao  How about when color tv first come out?
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495284 tn?1333894042
How about when they washed your windows and checked your oil!!!  Oh i whined and whined for a color tv and my mother said the black and white was good enough.  The rabbit ears stuck out half way across the living room!!!!

Remember when the milk man brought milk to your house and you left the order on the door and he walked in and put them in your fridge??  

Bread bags in our snow boots so our socks stayed dry!!!!!!
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363281 tn?1643235611
Oh wow, I remember lots of what you guys are posting. I sure do remember the gas wars, why, my folks thought that gas at 30 cents a gallon was high. Oh, to have those days back.

I remember the gas station attendants, they wore uniforms, and they did everything but clean the entire car.

I always wanted a color TV when I was a kid, but, we had the ole faithful black and white one. My friend next door had one, so, every Sunday, I would go over to her house and watch "The Wonderful World Of Disney". I miss those days so much.

I don't think we really appreciated those times, but, boy, I sure do now.
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363281 tn?1643235611
Here is a neat site, it is all about the "good ole days"  Enjoy.

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495284 tn?1333894042
Anyone who had a color tv was considered "rich"!!!!!
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599170 tn?1300973893
i was born in 62 i believe thats the tail end of baby boomers i do remember a strange black adn white tv...and oMG we used to get up and walk across the floor to change channels can you imagine LOL
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363281 tn?1643235611
Do you remember those drinks called "Fizzies" they were flat tablets that you dropped into cold water and they fizzed and they came in different flavors. I was just thinking about those today.
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791286 tn?1239614513
Lucky dog, I had six brothers, we couldn't get the fizzys.

When Cherie was 9, I was a gas station attendant and gas had zoomed out of site at 38.6 cents a gallon, gas was still raised by 1/10th. of a cent, the pumps still dinged with every gallon. If we didn't address our customers as mam, or sir, and ask them if they wanted their tires, oil, or any other fluids checked, or didn't clean all the windows, we bought the gas. I was paid $1.65 an hour. We jogged to the car.

Some of you girls got a very, very clean windshield.  Yea...... those were the days.

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599170 tn?1300973893
I remember filling up my pinto when I was sixteeen for about three dollars,,,,,I used to babysit for 25cents per hour,,,I havent used a baby sitter in years but I paid 5 dollars per hour...I used to smoke and I remember cigarettes being 35 cents a pack......

and hey what about 8 track players LOL
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791286 tn?1239614513
Still have one somewhere.

Bell bottom pants?

Street rods?

Trying to sneak in after being out to late on a date?

My girlfriend had moved about 20 miles away and I borrowed my brothers Opel Cadet so I could get there and back on about 50 cents.

If the cops caught you with beer, they just told you not to do it anymore and took it home with them.  
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791286 tn?1239614513
People juggling the hot flash bulb, so they could get another shot. HOT,HOT,HOT.

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429432 tn?1343594190
1946-1964 are the baby boomers. My best friend (now deceased) was born in '46. He was also a gemini like me and had almost the same exact birthday.
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429432 tn?1343594190
And yes, I am a baby boomer!!...=)
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