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Billy Graham's Birthday

I have a link where everyone can go to send a message or birthday wish to Billy Graham for his 90th birthday. He will turn 90 on November 7th. His son would like everyone to send his father a message as to what Billy's ministry has ment to them personally. His father will read the messages. I think his son has a wonderful idea and this is such an opportunity for the world to say, "Thank You" to a man who has gave us so many messages about love and hope, etc..                        
                            Tell Billy Graham What His Ministry Has Ment To You
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What an absolutley marvelous idea, Rev, Graham  is such a remarkable person, I hope everyone takes time to go to the link,,
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I would have agree with you Cherie...great idea! You only turn 90 once! My daddy recieved a Birthday card from President Bush on his 90th birthday...made his day! I still have the card...in daddy's bible.
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