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Deep Question (ha ha)-- what do you think of Angelina/Brad break up?

Oh, okay.  I know---  I should engage my mind in other things that Hollywood gossip.  But the news of the Angie/Brad break up hit 'officially' this week.  Did you expect it?  Are you surprised?  Could you care less and am wondering why I am wasting space with this?  Are you picturing Jennifer Aniston giggling?  Share your thoughts!!
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I am a little surprised since they have been together for 12 years.  I think she is angry with him and the best way to hurt him is to take his children away. She always preached the children came first, now I wonder what the heck is going on.   I don't think anyone should have given a reason.  How was he such a good Dad for all these years and now he has a problem or she has a problem with him?  What did you think?
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I think money and greed get in the way of what is really important not to mention he wasnt even out of his relationship with Jennifer.  We all know about those rebound relationships or some of us do anyway!!!

PS  I am still trying to figure out which rocker you had a "fling"with!
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There was a fling????  OMG, I need to catch up.  TMZ here I come!!  I agree that they lead such different lifestyles than the rest of us.  Everyone fawning over them, gazillionaires, traveling all over, etc.  Money, power, sex . . .  And also very true --  preach this on the Relationships forum--  you have to get OUT of a relationship fully before trying to get into another one for it to have much of a chance to succeed.  There will ALWAYS be a trust issue if you cheated on your former partner to be with the current one.  They will always have it in the back of their mind that you are capable of cheating again.  But the six kids thing . . .   that's so sad.  Like how could these kids NOT be a mess after such a lifestyle like that.  It would be hard to have roots and to be grounded with super star parents.  
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I hope it is ok to post this here, a NY Times article with a time line.
I don't like the fact that they have been able to keep most things private til now.  Now she is putting so much crap out there, or it appears to be that way.  I don't think I would care as much if she had not blindsided him. I have also heard so much by now I am completely confused.  She wanted to take her children to another war torn country, Syria?  I will go back to the books LOL

"They" say she filed minutes before the court closed, one day after they flew here so she must have had it planned before the flight which then makes me wonder if she set him up on the flight.

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She has always been a bit "out there"!!  Remember when she and Billy Bob Thorton were married?  They wore vials of each others blood around their neck!  Can you imagine what he will pay in child support??!!
OMG, I do remember the blood in vials and when they showed up at some event looking like cats that swallowed the canary and making out.  haha
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Guess that is the price they pay for their fame and riches, right?
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I didn't get a chance to read up on the timeline you posted Dee---  I'm going to do that today.  I want to be in the know on this breaking story!!  I could never be a celebrity with everyone in my business . . .  
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I could do celebrity!  If you dont act like a flippin fool and have 17,000 kids you can have a private life!!  lol

NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, lets get back to dating a rocker shall we!!
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LOL Very funny.
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So, I was on one of my 22nd trips to the grocery store yesterday (working on that) and when in line, saw one of those rag mags that says the know the true story!  Of course I bought it.  It tried to paint a picture of both having issues and like Angie was unjust in her taking the kids . . .  but it seems there was a major altercation on a plane.  Brad was supposedly very very drunk and got into it with one of the older kids but states "no punches were thrown".  So, they were stopping to refuel the plane as this happened and the plane took off with Angie and the kids leaving Brad there to get home on his own.  So, when he finally did get back to Cali--  he had social services waiting for him to discuss abuse of the kids.  

Now I'm not sure what is going on with that and what is true or not.  But I DO draw the line at abusing kids or making kids live through extremely volatile situations and that doesn't sound great. That article paints a terrible picture of the kids too.  Like what started it was B told one of the kids to sit down and the kid said "shut the F up" and it went from there.  I can't imagine with the life those kids have had that they aren't going to have some issues but I might go hari cari if my kids told me to shut the f up too.  I'm not a spanker but I'd come up with 'something' pretty big for that kind of disrespect.  

So, that's my info to add to the story.  ha ha
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