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Dental Care and your Health

We had a meeting last night about dental care and we discussed how most people do not realize how important dental care is for your health!  We found out that 1 out of every 2 people do not make the dentist a regular checkup twice a year like they should.  They have proven that good dental health can aleviate so many medical problems.  They say that when people do not receive regular dental care that there are more absenteeism, etc.  

So, if you are someone who does not think dental health is important - please reevaluate that!  It's more important than you might think!  

Just some advice from someone who cares!  :)
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I totally agree. Did they mention by any chance if it is now proven that plaque and gingivitis can lead to heart attacks? Or at least increase the risk?
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I'm not going to the dentist unless I'm in aggregious pain.  Sorry.

I had extensive drilling when I was a child with no novocane,  because there was diabetes in my extended family.  Air Force dentists.  : (

I'm nearing 50 and every dentist I go to says I should have my wisdom teeth buds pulled,  although they haven't moved since I was about 11.  My wisdom teeth buds are not going to move,  nor are they going to grow,  nor do I need to have jaw surgery to remove them.

About 5 years ago I had to have a root canal,  and the doc left something in that on the re-visit,  (although I had called nearly daily to say I was in terrible pain,  and was ignored) he commented with surprise that he had left some tool in my gum.  

This,  I do for me,  as the hairdresser commercial says.  I avoid dentists unless I'm dying.  As a courtesy to myself.  ;D
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Good point. And I'm overdue for an appointment with the dentist but might have some difficulties due to my physical disability affecting swallowing (keep that to my journal entries) but I am in the process of setting up some accomodations so it can happen regardless. Thanks for reminding me. The only real way to prevent cavities is to have a full dental cleaning because only a dentist can completely remove plaque which causes it. And also I get checked for oral cancer which generally is not a problem except for smokers (which I'm not) but if caught early can be prevented but if not can be fatal. Generally common sense although one of the difficulties is that many health care plans leave out coverage for routine dental checks ups for some reason but hopefully that will change.
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I agree that dental care can be expensive.  Before I came to work here for the dental company I work for now, I hadn't been to the dentist in 10 years!  I was terrified of dentists.  However, since then I realize that without proper cleanings, you can develop perio disease which can cause you to lose your teeth!  Personally, I say at least have the cleanings twice a year and the checkup.  You do not have to have anything done you do not want done.  I used to think root canals and all that were nonsense, but I've learned so much!  

Yes, they think that dental disease can cause heart problems and a whole slew of other difficulties.  If there are infections in your mouth it can affect your whole body!  

We have dental clinics here in Utah that are free of charge to people who need help!  I would imagine there are other states who have similar programs and so please look into it - it can make you healthier!  

If you cannot go to a dentist for fear - tell them.  They can give you something to sedate you prior to the appointment or use nitrous which makes you feel good!  :)  Anyway, I use to have to have nitrous every time and now I'm doing great.  I've had 2 root canals and they DO NOT hurt.  The only time you will experience pain is if there's an infection and the dentist does not treat you with antibiotics first to clear up the infection.  The reason for that is that when you have an infection the gums cannot numb from the novacaine or whatever your dentist uses.  

At the very least, be sure to floss twice a day (and even at lunch time if you can) and brush at least morning and night and use listerine at night so that you can prevent perio disease!  

Anyway, just trying to help out - dental care is more important than I ever realized!  
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I had alot of dental work as a child .....I am not a fan ...I only go when there is a problem...Trying to get myself there...I just took my daughter for the first time in 14 years...One tiny cavity....I would of taken her if  she was having a problem...My husband hasn't been there since a child he has no cavities....I know it is important...Just haven't gotten there yet...Excuses, Excuses....
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I'm also taking my chances. I was tormented by dentists enough as a kid. If my teeth fall out, I'll get dentures. If I have a heart attack and croak, it was my time to go regardless. I had one impacted wisdom tooth hacked out , it took over 4 hours for the procedure,  I bled for a week after that(I went to work with bloody gauze stuffed in the back of my mouth; real cute). The pain was the most excrutiating ordeal I've ever endured. So, forget it...no more for me!
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I had my share of dental repairs as a kid too, however, in Europe the profession of dental hygienist doesn`t exist, at least not where I grew up and not when I left. I was just thrilled about the wonderful teeth everyone has in North America in comparison and how much I have learned about flossing and brushing here. Sure, most dentists came up with an array of money-making suggestions, from removal of wisdom teeth to braces to the threat of a first crown - I simply keep declining but do show up for cleanings and check-ups frequently. The only repairs I had in decades happened after I drank diet coke for a year.
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MedHelp is having a Dental Health Chat on April 8th from 3:00-4:00PM EST .. we should all help spread the word on our commuities!

Here's the link to see more about it and register for i!


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