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Descripe the one time your where most dissapointed in your dr.

Drs are humans , of a sort !!LOL, they make lapses in judgements and sometimes can it be are they sometimes even WRONG?
It took me three years to get my neck diagnosed, went many places was handed many pills, last dr finally listened really listened got me an mRI and sent me to surgeon Id of been papalysised in a year or two.

the one time that made me the madest was the dr that when I described my hands going numb tole me it was impossible, handed me a script for heavy pain meds and sent me on my way. Im like I am not lying. He says we hear so many things in here youd be amazed,.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar stories,,,and friends above all else you know your own body NEVER give up do not take no for an answer. do not accept the bandaid of pills yup they help in the meantime but are not the soultion, Had I countiuned to mask my problems I coulda been dead, Pain is a symptom always listen to it...

ANYHOWS,.,,Im gonna be on here a lot so bring on the bad drs stories,,,
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OMG cherie you always think up the best questions , I have so many ,I will think up the worst and get back here.......
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I had had ulcerative colitis for 10 years.  It had gotten progressively worse in that time.  My gastro doc was older and near retirement.  When it got real bad I would call into his office and his secretary would not give me appointments and just tell me to increase my meds which I had already done.  In the last few years I ended up in the hospital several times due to dehydration.  

It was during one of my hospitalizations that I was in a private room when I got the most awful pain in my abdomen.  It was different than anything else I'd ever experienced and was excrutiating.  I called the nurse and she told me that after all the years I'd been sick that I should be able to handle the pain better and left.  I tried calling the doctor's office but it was night time.  I screamed for help and nothing came.  

In the morning I woke to a group of people hovering around my bed with an x-ray machine.  When the nurses changed shifts the new nurse found me in my bed with practically no blood pressure.  My bowel had perforated and the poison was throughout my body.  They rushed me into surgery where my entire large colon was removed.  I was in intensive care for 4 weeks and lucky to be alive.  

My family told me that when the surgeon came out in the hall after the operation that my gastro doc was there.  The surgeon pushed him up against the wall and put his fist in his face.  He told him that he had never seen a colon is such bad shape and that if he ever saw another of that gastro doctor's patients in such bad shape that he'd kill him.  Amazing!

As well, the chest tube I had that delivered pain meds and nutrition to me wasn't put in properly.  I had a breathing tube in and could not talk and was in such pain.  My SIL noticed that I was jumping every time someone touched the bed and got them to look at it.  They fixed it and then gave me a morphine pump that I could press when I needed it  It was pure joy to be able to hit that button.

This was 16 years ago and feels like it happened to a different person at this point.
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During my VBAC labor when I told her something was very wrong and we needed to stop and she told me I didn't know what I was talking about and I ruptured and my baby and I nearly died....
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it astonishes me how drs and nurses are so quick to not believe in the patient, bith your stories are something else..Trudie love what your dr did to the other he deserved to be decked for that.
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Almost every time I go to my pcp these days, I'm disappointed beyond belief!!!

I had one doctor who insisted I was an alcoholic because my red blood cells were enlarged and he SWORE that alcoholism is the ONLY thing that causes that.  A few years later, I was going to a different doctor - the one I have now and HE noticed it also, send me for lab work and dx'd pernicious anemia, which causes enlarged red blood cells also; plus I had been complaining of fatigue for years and no one would listen.  The one doctor insisted that I was tired because I was depressed and even put me on paxil for a while.  The paxil made me even MORE tired and I just quit taking it - boy was the dr upset with me!!!  That, when I should have been receiving vitamin B12 shots all that time.  

And then there's my current pcp - after he dx'd the pernicious anemia, I still kept telling him I thought there was something wrong and he insisted there wasn't.  I finally got his NP to send me for thyroid testing and it was discovered that I'm hypO.  Well, after I got started on meds and still  couldn't lose any weight - my pcp looked at me one day and sort of "sneered" at me and said "There's nothing ELSE wrong with you - you just need to MOVE MORE" then he turned on his heel and left the room.  Then there was the day he found out I was going to an endo and the endo had started me on cytomel - oh by the way, there WAS something else wrong..lol -  my pcp stammered and stuttered for a bit, then said "Well, I recently read that not everyone does well on synthroid alone" -- I'm sitting there thinking "RECENTLY READ?"   If he didn't know the options for treating thyroid disease, why was he trying to treat it????

I think I might have pre-diabetes, but my pcp won't listen to me, nor would he look at the record of my fasting blood sugars that I tried to show him............most of them over 100.................

Always quick to blame ME if I don't feel better right away - like *I* am not following directions or something.....................

Not as serious as some others, but definitely very annoying....  
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The most disappointed I have ever been was with the pregnancy of my daughter. At the end I started loosing fluid with her and new I was because I had gone through it with my son. I tried telling my OB and he kept telling me that I was peeing on myself and all was fine. I told him no I am not I am loosing my water I know I am. I begged him to do a sonogram and refused saying its against hospital policies to perform more than two and I had already had two sonograms.

Finally two weeks after I told him I was loosing water I went into labor with my daughter and sure enough I had a dry labor due to not having any fluid and she ingested her own muconium.(sp) and was very sick at birth. They sent her cord off for testing and everything because of her illness. She had to have her lungs sucked out and scrapped at birth and before she could take her first breathe. Now she has asthma and develops upper respitory illnesses easily. I was once told by a repitory therapist that her delivery is the reason for her staying sick.

All this could have been avoided if he would have just listened to me!
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