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Did anyone see the News Story on Yahoo saying about North Korea's Threat to the USA?????


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What is this world coming too? I believe that is terrible and kind of scary! :(
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scarey as he!!, they threaten to wipe out the USA
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Yes, I agree!!!!! Who's up for moving to a different country?????
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I hope someone is paying real close attention to North Korea......
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I have heard that we have missiles in place to shoot down anything he decides to launch. I also heard that we want to inspect the ship but China says no? Did anyone else hear that?
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yeah greg and i read it this morning. what ***** is i REALLY have a feeling his stf sgt from d.c. is going to be calling any day. i'm surprised he hasn't called yet.

did anyone watch cnn this afternoon? the reporter ivan was talking to some girl that is in iran and she said that we HAVE to go help. that we have to go solve everything. yeah....everyone complains when we DO anything. (ok not everyone but a lot of people.) we get criticized for being "involved in fights that are not ours" and yet those same people then start saying we HAVE to go help them. *sigh* i wish they'd make up their minds. do you want the United States help or not? i felt so bad for greg...he was P!SSED when we watched that this afternoon.
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Yes they do want us to help, they have always looked up to us and we should help the way America has always done ...Britain has come out in STRONG  condemnation of the killing and shooting of the Iran people they want to over throw that regime we do not want to be 'Having dialogue with the Supreme leader" they wouldnt put their signs up in English otherwise,  they have always looked to America,they want Democracy and change ..not simpering  appeasement of tyrants....They want freedom. .
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I feel, that country has got to deal with this. They have to be the ones to overthrow that government. We can support them, this is true, but at this point that is all we can do.  We do not even have a clear pic of what is going on at this point. Media is in lock down. We should sit and observe until we know more.

I can totally see something like that happening here and to me that is scarey! Only it would be the dems and republicans going at it.
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Problem is they dont have weapons and the regime does have weapons, can we stand by and see them killed like they killed that girl..Europe is sending out a strong voice in condemnation .
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I think Obama finally took a stance on this today and stated that he disapproved of the actions in Iran. Before, he wanted to maintain good relations in Iran for diplomatic talks by not taking a stance.

In terms of the missiles in Korea, I think the US government sent those "anti-missile" missiles to Hawaii and we're trailing a tanker that we believe have nuclear weapons but cannot board due to diplomatic reasons.

Just a quick update from what I remember. :-D
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'Disaproved"  wow thats good to hear maybe the folks in Iran battling to live in Freedom will be happy about that...the regime there has guns they dont , they are on the streets asking for more than a stance and a statement of 'disaproval', well Ihear Europe is coming out with a strong voice ...  N Korea, .It will be interesting to see if the boa  we are trailing gets boarded or if they too hold back , and have' diplomatic' relations with Kim foo pung .
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North Korea's always threatening us. I was under the impression that they don't have missiles capable of reaching this far.
I still don't get why we sit on our hands and watch as the test missile after missile and listen to their threats and do nothing. We have every right to inspect their ships. Are we afraid of them? I mean, what's the deal?
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We cannot do anything and if we do it is an act of War. Now on the otherhand, them threatening that if we search their ship they will wipe us off the face of the earth, I guess you could consider that an act of war on their part. However, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we do not know about.  We sure cannot afford to be in Irans business and N. Korea at the same time! We could upset the whole region and that would not be good. Iran needs to settle things inside their country and we need to keep an eye on N. Korea.  It could all be a diversion of some kind for all we know.  We are monitoring the situation and I personally wish someone would assasinate both nutcases, but now their are international laws preventing that too!
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oh there are still assasinations. not that any claims them but you know there are.

iran....they need to solve their issues. it's the begining of a civil war. not a world war. is it sad the government is killing its citizens? yes it's very sad. but like teko said we don't the entire story since there is the media lock down. what we do see is completely from the protesters stance. how do we know that they are being completely peaceful? i'm sure that the protesters can also get weapons.  n. korea on the other hand could very well be trying to start a world war. the psycho threatening to wipe us off the face of the map should be considered an act of war. will he ever be able to? i seriously doubt that. we could probably wipe them out with one bomb. i'm sure we have something somewhere that is powerful enough.
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Aha ha  But who will let us do it remember who is in charge now....waterboarding 3 terrorists was BIg torture so assasination.or bombs ..... oh NO never,
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Oh God! I hate nuclear weapons with a passion. Not just the threat but the effects are lasting.... I hope something can be done to stop them.
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Fingers crossed Mj fingers crossed, there must be someone, some country strong enough,  out there........ sorry I am jesting,.at least I think I am.... I would have been certain once, but not this year..UK is coming out strongly in support of Iran am not certain of their stance on N Korea.,maybe Japan will have to take up arms again, and China of course should get involved, The Brits  stood up and were counted in 1938 so was the US later on, but that was then...
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My problem is that N. Korea seems to be a joke to the pentagon.  Did anyone else see the press conference?  He basically laughed about the situation and said it was a joke.  That is a problem.  We need to take it seriously.  No, they cannot wipe up off the face of the earth.  But, they do have the capability of doing major harm to this country.  But, when we basically treat this as a joke and laugh about it like N. Korea is making empty threats; then that is when we let our guard down and show our weaknesses and that they can take advantage of us.  

Now with Iran;  they do have to take care of their issues when it comes down to their political issues and who they elect as President.  But, when it comes to being inhumane and killing people for their beliefs and political concerns; then that is when we need to take some sort of action to assist them.  I mean when their one candidate dissapears for 4 days and noone has seen him, then their is a serious problem.  Ahmadinajad, will do whatever it takes to run that country, no matter what he has to do to get it.  He is evil and we do have specific sanctions and laws in place for each country that are put into place through the U.N.  Now, I have a major issue with Obama inviting the leaders of Iran to 4th of July Celebrations considering that this holiday is specifically set in place to celebrate America's Independence; not any other country.  And to say that Americans respect their islamic and muslim religions;  bullcrap.  I do not respect their religion.  I do respect their right to choose what religion they would like to be involved in, but I certainly do not respect it.  I totally think that their laws are so durogatory towards women that respect should not be given to those religions.  Why should we respect a religion that believes that women do not have rights and that husbands rule over their women by controlling their entire life.  Women are killed in these religions if they disobey their husband but if the husband does cheat on or rape their wife then they are to be honored but not be condemned.  For instance, I was at a water park this week and their was a very young woman with her husband and the woman was in the water with a full robe and face entirely covered, but the husband was in swim trunks and tank top with long beard and hair all over the place.  Why am I or others to respect the fact that women are not aloud to show any body parts but men can do whatever they want.  Now, that is her choice to be their in some cases, but in many cases these women are forced to marry and are not aloud to choose or they will be killed or tortured.  So, Mr. Obama, please do not say that we are to respect their religion and their beliefs.  I am sorry but no other President of the U.S. has ever asked or expected any American to respect these laws and beliefs.  Now, we do not need to kill or murder someone for those beliefs and should still treat these religions as a right to choose.  But, as I have always stated, Just because we disagree with someone else's point of views and way of life, we do not have the right to murder them or take away their freedom of choice.  But, we must uphold the laws that are in place regarding abuse against women and children when it comes down to religion or beliefs.  Those should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.  

I do not agree with what our President is doing and many matters and do not respect his point of views and beliefs but I do respect him as a human being and would not want to see harm done to him.  But, I do not respect his decisions and way of running this country.  Respect must be earned and I will only respect him if he starts listening to the American people and stops being so arrogant and disrespectful of this wonderful country and what it was founded on.  I especially do not respect a man that says he is a Christian and in the same breath starts reciting Sharia law and saying that it is to be respected by all Americans.  Christians do not respect Sharia law they consider this law a sin and that is what it is.  I respect the position of the President but do not have to respect what the President is doing.  I also definitely do not have respect for most of our governing body since they just have no respect for our well being or what Americans really think is right.  So, he is the President, which he does remind us of every time he speaks.  This is something I have not heard any President speak of with as much arrogance as Obama does.  In fact, no other President ever repeated this statement over and over just to make them self feel better and to prove that he will do what he wants not what anyone else may think is right.  I have said this all along, Obama is not qualified to be President of the U.S.A.  He certainly does not have a clue as to how to run this country.  But, since most people believed his rhetoric and bull#### and still do, then we now all must suffer for what will be done and is being done to this wonderful country.  Of course, then you do have a few that realize that their vote for Obama was due to wanting a stop of a war and changes in this country and now realize that he was just saying what they wanted to hear.  Now, they see him for what he truly is; a liar.  

I understand that some like him and that is your opinion and you know that I truly respect your opinions.  I just do not agree.  And, that is why we live in the U.S.A.  Freedom of speech is to be respected but we do not have to agree and do have the right to express our concerns and issues with what the President is doing.  It was not a problem when either Bush or Reagan was President to express your hatred for their issues and them personally.  I will not ever say that I hate the President, that is just immoral and totally wrong.  But, I will say that his policies are hateful against Americans by the disrespect that these new policies will allow against the constitution and taking away certain rights that were given to each and every one of us.  
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All I can follow that with Melissa is thank you, you have said what I couldnt ...I echo every last word of it.....it is exactly how I feel I hope others will see the same .
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I know what you mean about treating N. Korea like a joke. I asked my husband what he thought about N. Korea and he said they're all nuts. I'm not sure they're nuts, necessarily, just evil.
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I am not certain it should be treated like a joke... what if it isnt.. I think it should be taken seriously by this administration, it fires up Kim Poo Pung not to be taken seriosly he may decide to prove he isnt a big Joke ..
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The leader of N. Korea would be all full of himself readings these posts. Is exactly the reaction he wants from America.

Tell me what good it would do to go over there and de-stableize the whole region. We are already be being blamed for it happening to begin with.  You cannot have it both ways people.  You want out of Irak, cause we do not belong there. (Where women got their hands cut off for not covering them?) If we jump in with both feet here, we will have a nuclear war and N. Korea will not be the one pusing that button! Think about it!
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The correct name is:
Kim Jong-il
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LOL you can call him whatever you like I dont mind ....Lol
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