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Difficulty Obtaining or Unable to Obtain Healthcare or Prescription Coverage?

I did notice a fair amount of people post and want to obtain help but are having issues with obtaining healthcare insurance or prescription coverage. I am sure this is common but I wanted to know how common. I myself am in appeal for coverage for one of my prescriptions but sometimes people don't know of all the options. The Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities is something people aren't always informed of and its not in all states yet for example. And sometimes they are above the limit for coverage they could be eligible for but their company doesn't provide any coverage. I put what are some common circumstances. Don't have to post your specifics if you don't want. Just please vote which applies. Thanks.
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I have health care presently, but I had to move to another state to get it!  They claim Wisconsin has some of the best health care... Not when I lived there.

It was okay I guess unless you're a single person with no children.  In that case you were pretty screwed. They had some sort of general assistance, but my esxperiences with it were very poor.
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google  4PPA NOW.....or 1800 4 PPA NOW

this is a prescription help program...Montel Williams does commericals on it.
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I have a heart condition that I take medication for. Luckily they have a prescription on the 3.99 plan at brookshires that has been helping me.

I can't afford to do the test the cardiologist want so I just take the meds and hope for the best.
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We had no health insurance that last 3 1/2 years until this summer. We couldn't afford to purchase it and still send my son to preschool. Now we have a high deductible family plan that covers one yearly check up for each of us. Everything else goes against our deductible and we just get the insurance discount. So my last little procedure should have gone against the deductible I thought, but apparently I haven't had the insurance lone enough so it's not covered at all. I don't even get the discount. Big ouch.

We got this coverage because we figured that if something really bad happens at least the insurance helps put a cap on what we'll have to pay in the end. No prescription coverage at all.
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we own our own business so we basically pay for our own insurance,thank god for it my year to date is 56k...thats a lot of money...hoping to never have a surgery again.
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I contribute $105 per month for unlimited medical coverage with no deductible and $10 copay for prescriptions and $20 copay for doctor appointments through my workplace.
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