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Do you Own or Lease Your Vehicle?

The other poll we just did tells us what type of vehicle your drive -- now it's time to see if you

               ----------> Own or lease your car, truck, van, Suv, etc.?

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You're not a Geico agent by chance?
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I have a bicycle (Amsterdam) and it's mine!!!!! Does that count? LOL
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I was in the car business for 7 years before my kidney failure, I was sales manager for 4 years and we loved to lease a person a car because when a person leases they are looking at apayment not the price of the vehicle, so we would make all the money we could. the person was happy because they got a payment they were happy with plus got more car then they could afford if they bought it.
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I have always bought my cars for cash, I dont like bills. Needless to say my cars have all been cheap enough to buy with my tax returns lol.
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I lease my cars. I like new rides always. I don't mind the bill. I think driving a new car makes that worth it but that's just my opinion. I don't really pay for any service at the dealership, of course, since everything is covered (warranty).

That's it. I just love new cars, latest technology.....the cool stuff lol

My husband buys his cars :) He just sends 3 payments and he is done. He hates bills LOL
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I only put borrow cus right at this very moment we drive my DH's work truck and its not ours it belongs to his cousin! But my eclipse is paid off i had 2yrs of payments,as i stated earlier it needs work to be running again but i dont plan of trading up unless i get PG me and DH dont want any extra bills!
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We are up to a grand total of 4 cars, all paid for.  12 motorcycles.  


Peek--1 car.
Mr. Peek--3 cars, 12 motorcycles

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I'm borrowing my mother's car until I get my license, in May, & my own car. :)
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My trek bike is bought and paid for
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We have ours financed, and when they are paid off, We will not finance any more for as long as we both shall live, so help me god!
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My is free and clear, 100% mine. LOL, It is a good feeling.
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Owned....and wishing I didn't! No one in town will touch an old Saab..parts are impossible and expensive to get...is behaving badly...and now our winter is starting...if it breaks down once more I will find the nearest cliff to push it off, dust my hands off and go home!

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