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I hear that with this new Healthcare plan there will be a shortage of Medical Doctors so now they are thinking to maybe substitute the Doctor with Nurse practitioners, I believe you may still ask to see a Doctor but there will be a waiting time .Do you think this is a good idea, the Specialist Medical training  for a Doctor is around 10 years ,in all, and for a Nurse its about 6 years ..how do you feel would you mind seeing what some may consider a less qualified person.For me I like the idea I think that the Nurse /Practitioners I have seen are as good and certainly in my experience had a better attitude to patients ..I am for it ..
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I wouldn't mind as long as if they don't know whats wrong you are then referred to a doctor.

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The practice that I go to has 7 doctors and 2 nurse practitioners.  If I have an urgent issue and my doctor is booked I can get in and see the nurse practitioner that day.  If it is an issue that is more complex she connects with the doctor before advising.  I am very pleased with the medical care I get and appreciate the timliness.  I've actually found them more thorough than my doctor.
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I've often been directed to NP's and do not think it has adversely affected my care.  Given how brief insurance-covered appointments are, my opinion is that I prefer to see the same person instead of being juggled.  Consistency is a larger issue for me than the different training between NP's and MD's.
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I think it depends. I see a specialist for a rare condition, and in that case, have to see a doctor. I would never want to see a nurse practitioner. For the general care type of stuff, sure, I'll the NP or a Physicial Assistant. Which is actually what I'd like to do. PA's are similar to NPs.
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At the clinic I go to and take my children to they tell you if you are sick and can't wait for an appointment come in and be seen as a walk- in. The way they do it is however is on call is the person that normally sees walk - ins but if they are packed then you see a NP. I don't mind either way and actually some of the NPs I have seen are better than doctors.
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I would not mind at all. In fact, a few years ago, I went to the ER with my usual PAC's , well the only folks that were on were an RN and a nurse practitioner. The NP was excellent and she really knew what she was doing, her attitude was more comforting than most docs as well. I really liked her.
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