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Don't Know where to post! Need Help!!!

Ok to start off with I have made an appointment with the dentist but they can not see me until Monday afternoon. I have two teeth that are hurting me pretty bad they have half my face hurting. I have taken, tylenol, BC powder, Ibrprofen, and put gobs of orajel on the two teeth and my gums to stop the pain and yet I am almost in tears with pain. I can taste blood so I think they are bleeding now or atleast one of them is. I am also feeling as if I am running fever now and I believe it is because of the tooth or teeth that are bothering me as well as feeling naseaus.

Can anyone please suggest something I can try to relieve the pain and misery until my doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Next Monday? Call the dentist back and tell them you need an appointment before that. Chances are high that you have an abscess, and the presence of a fever is consistent with a spreading infection.

As for what to do now -- if this were happening to Swampy he would treat it as a medical emergency and go to the ER. Even though they are not dentists, they might be able to give you stronger pain meds and you will almost certainly need antibiotics. They should be able to get you started.

Whatever you do, don't have any alcohol right now. It does not cure toothaches and will not mix with your pain killers.

Hope you can get that appointment soon!
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Thank you I might take that as an option and go to the ER. Atleast the antibiotics will probably make me feel much better.

I called the dentist this morning when I couldn't sleep all night because of the pain and they said they are off on Friday's so there schedules are pretty booked up and they can not get to me before next Monday Nov. 16.  I would call the other dentist office in town but they are just as bad plus they are twice the price to get anything done and since this is all self-pay I have to go where I can afford to go.
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I agree call them bk tell them its an emergency that you cant wait you are in way too much pain! I have had the pain of wisdom teeth and i was in tears just from that so i cant even imagine how miserable you must be!!
If they dont have something or wont give you an appt i would call and find some1 to take me in!! I didnt have a dentist when my teeth hurt and i found one with a couple hours to take me in!!
And if all else fails then Swampy is right head to the ER!! I had to go once cus of my wisdom teeth it was 4 AM and my throat felt like it was swelling shut!! I had to get an IV full of anti-biotics they said i had a massive infection!!
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I called every dentist in my town and found one that can see me first thing in the morning. I have a friend that is going to give me a couple of pain pills to help me get through the night.
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That is GREAT!! So glad you found some1!! That tooth pain is no fun!! I told my DH i would rather get my belly button pierced again than have to have a needle shoved in my mouth!! And i darn near passed out when i did that piercing LOL!!
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I hope you get that taken care of quick!!
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Boy I'm so sorry you're in so much pain! I see you already got a closer appointment and that's great!

For dental problems going to the roots, I tried to chew cloves (the spikes you know...) and it helped to linger pain quite fast and better than any syntethic painkiller. But, the day you're going to the dentist you should try as far as you can to not take anything for pain since it is going to be very helpful for them to diagnose the problem if you haven't taken any analgesics.

I'm so happy you got an appointment. It reallys sounds like you need one.

(I am expecting thedental office to call me either tomorrow or the next day for a check after an oral surgery. I really want to hurry them up but my pain isn't quite as radiant yet and I can control it with ibuprofen this far, but the moment they call I'm happy to jump up in the chair and let them do whatever they want to. It's probably turned into some inflammation but ibuprofen helps me tackle it).

Here's wishing you a painfree night!
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Thank you for all your concern! I did not have a pain free night matter of fact I only got about two hours of sleep. Made it to my dentist appointment this morning and found that the tooth that was giving me all the problem was in the top and had to be removed! It was exposing the nerve! He extracted that tooth and then filled the bottom one. Apparently when the top one is that bad it can cause the whole mouth to hurt and you to think the pain is else where.

I am going back in two weeks for a good cleaning and a check up to make sure there are not anymore problems that need attention. This dentist was really nice and not that expensive!
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Ok so i have another dental question for all! How long should I bleed?
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The bleeding ususally takes about 12 or so hours to actually stop. You really need to continue putting a cotton pack against it. Change it regularly, like every couple of hours, and don't have alcohol or smoke. Upper teeth are notorious for taking longer to stop bleeding. If it is not stopped by 24 hours then you need to go back.
  The pain you mentioned all over the mouth is called referred pain and it is coz we have one major nerve that then supplies all the nerves around the jaw bone. I know what it is like I have had it too many times to count! Had a million and ten dental problems! Hopefully all fixed now (after 20 years and over $10,000 so they darn well should be!)

Anyways, hopefully your bleeding will slow down. It should form a  clot in the root site. DO NOT attempt to pull it out! Rinse with salt water and hopefully it should be fine.

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yea you had a generalized pain not a local pain...... that happen with teeth because the top (maxillary) teeth are connected to your sinus that could have been a WHOLE lots worse pain!..... yes with that nerve showing im sure you were in SERIOUS pain and im suprised you made it that long!.... you could have went to the ER they do have dentist that work in there.... you will be bleeding for a little while..just change the gauze and rinse with warm salt water..it will help...if your a smoker DONT because you will get a dry socket!!!!...OUCH!!
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Thank you so much for your help! I feel much better now and the pain is gone. I was able to eat ice cream over the weekend and drink a cold glass of water without pain. It was so nice I haven't been able to do that in a long time. I plan to return to fix my bottom tooth that has a cavity starting and then for an over all cleaning and check up. I also plan to continue getting check ups and cleanings every 6 months as I am supposed to so that I do not loose anymore teeth.
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if you have insurance they usually cover 2 cleaning a year and xrays so if its free why not??.... we need our teeth =)
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Actually I have been working at my job now almost 2 years and still only part time! I am waiting to become full time then I will have awesome health and dental insurance but as of right now it is self pay.

I do plan to save the money so it isn't a problem to go though. My dentist only charges 100 for checkup and cleaning so that isn't to bad every 6 months or twice a year to keep your teeth healthy!
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