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Dream Job

What is your DREAM job? And are you doing that dream job? Ie. Storm chasing!
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Most of the jobs i had were dream jobs,but some of them were nightmares too LOL
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I am with kitty51. LOL

Most my jobs started as dream jobs and my last job (18yrs) work was o.k.,I just worked with a demon. no lol really fact. He still haunts this day.
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Dream job? Be able to write an awesome book series,  be on the top seller's list, make a movie series based on the book and who knows whatnot, lol.  Realistically? Not sure, but I'd like to do something where I can use my creativity. Okay maybe I won't be a top seller, but be able to make a living anyways. If I had my way.

My new job sounds promising. I will be a roaming photographer in a mall.
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