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I have had my Driver's Test today and I was just wondering how many times you had to take your driver's test before being able to receive your License.

Please don't worry, no response is Necessary just an anonymous vote will be fine. :)


                    How many tries did it take you to be able to receive your Driver's License?

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I have received my Driver's License Today on my Second Try. I'm sooo happy and relieved that I have passed!!!!! :)
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Ur state must be tough cus my brother drives really crazy and he took it just once!!
I went to drivers Ed when i was 16 so it was just take the class and here you a driver license!
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Yes, it was kind of Nerve-Racking in Pennsylvania. I had a really mean Police Officer the first time and I have got into the Parallel Parking Space Perfect, but I ended up getting soooo nervous that I ended up hitting the Barrel. :(

Did your Brother have to Parallel Park? That was the only part that I was Nerve-Racked about everything else I knew I was going to be fine with.

I wish I could have taken Driver's Ed, but I wasn't able to since I graduated a Year Early and my School didn't offer it for some strange reason. :(

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I think they have to i believe thats what my husband said! I live in TX now and I got my DL in NM where i grew up at!! I cannot pararlel park for nada LOL! i remember in that class i driving over cones and all kinds of dumb things!! Our DE class was not through the school it some other place and you had to pay 300$$ to go I had to get a job and save for it!!
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Wow! That is a lot of money for a Driver's Ed Class. My Mom wanted to get me to take Driver's Ed at another place too since I couldn't receive it though the school and it wasn't possible for us at that time. I believe they wanted anywhere between $200 or $300 over here as well.

Yes, Parallel Parking can be very Tricky and Challenging.

I don't know why they make us Parallel Park anyway, unless you live in the City, because most people probably won't ever use it in their lifetime especially if they live out in the Country like I do.

I guess it's good to know though. :)
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I know huh? i live in the country too we dont have that kind of parking unless you go downtown to the courthouse or police station! And even then you can using find a spot on the end to just slide in and out of it !!

Yup that was alot of money espcially then i took the class bk in '98! WOW! am i old or what LOL!!
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No, I don't believe you are old. :) I'm 18 and '98 wasn't that long ago, I was about seven years old then. ;)
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We didnt have to pay for our drivers ed back in the middle 70's.  Our instructor was the basketball coach.  He was such a schmuck!!!!  We all drove better than he did!!!

Congrats on getting your license!!!!
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Thank You Soooo Much for the Congratulations, I greatly appreciate it!!!!!! :) :) :)
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I forgot to say that too lol! I'm sorry!!
Congrats on Getting Your DL!!

Domino-Is is not always that way? LOL! I have no idea where they hired these guys or companies for the drivers ed program but that guy was a total jerk and he was a druggie at least every1 thought so he was always in the bathroom and he was always so moody!! His dad though he was a nice man he came to help one day and he was really nice to every1! I knew the guy was just there for his $$ though he passed every1 and almost every1 i knew had a wreck within the first 6 months of driving including me!! He actually changed my friends grade on her paper and her mom thought she did it and she didnt let her get her DL!!
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That's Okay, Please don't feel bad! :) Thank You Soooo Much for the Congratulations, I greatly appreciate it!!!!!! :) :) :)
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In Nj if you want to drive at 16 you have to pay about $295 for 6 hrs behind the wheel training at a school .. if you want to wait until 17 (or might be 16.5 I cannot recall) you don't need the training, but that coupled with a good student grade discount for a B avg. can save an avg of $265/year in discounts so it pays for itself the first year insured.

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I took drivers ed at my school and then once I drove so many hours with my instructor then I was able to get my drivers license. I couldn't imagine having to take a test with an officer. I would have failed immediately.
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When I got my first license, I didn't have to drive because drivers ed counted, I just had to take the written. After more than 30 years and having allowed my license to expire by 90 days I had to do both. At the D.O.T., they said......"what were you thinking"? I was then harassed and  warned about who I was going to have to take my driving test with. I sat in my chair and waited nervously. After awhile two people entered, one looked like a beat dog that didn't do to well, the other was a petite blond lady half my age wearing a D.O.T. uniform who walked and spoke with confidence and authority, people listened to her and she was the one I was going to drive with. I said, it's not true is it...and before I could finish, she said yes, I do ride a broom to work and the first turn signal you miss, the test is over. It starts in the parking lot. We had just turned onto the street and she asked what the speed limit was. I passed, but it was a little tense. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your license and the freedom it brings for many years to come. Drive safe, don't let it expire!!    
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I'm sorry to hear that you had to retake the test. :( I'm glad that you have passed your test though, Congratulations!!!! :)

Thank You Sooo Much for the Congratulations, I greatly appreciate it!!!!!! :) :) :)  
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Well  I was driving in England for many years since 17 that what you have to be there before you drive, so when I cam to the US thought It 'd be a doddle, first time I couldnt get all the signs correct ...okay I had just come from another country, second time I had the rotten'est most cranky woman I ever met... she had to have had PMS on that day....so that was that... my family laughed, I felt stupid...Boy oh Boy was I glad when I passed third time Lucky......In UK I passed first time..Go figure.
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My daughter took the written 5 times before she passed and passed the driving no problem, she would sike herself out so bad finally the last titme the lady said do you want us have someone read the questions to you, maybe then you can understand them.  It made her so angry she passed not problem without them reading it.. LOL Nothing like the stress we all put on ourselves.  When I was in school we took drivers ed, then a permit for 2 weeks then the real thing, it was cake.

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One time only -4 points WHOOT WHOOT lol the DMV I went to is known for being incredibly easy.
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Easy is great!! If you get your DL somewhere else dont EVER let it expire EVER LOL! I got mine in NM and when i moved to TX it was almost expired so i just needed an eye test and i got a TX DL! But if i had to take that test over wow i would be scared lol!!

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