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Favorite Type of Music


               What is your favorite type of music?

Myself I enjoy many different types of music, but my favorite is Classic Rock and Classical Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven. :)

I'm sorry I could only list 8 kinds of music. :( If your favorite type of music isn't specified, please select Other and leave a comment below. Thanks! :)

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I enjoy Classic Rock. :)
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Classic rock for this girl
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I like classic rock, but my favorite is country music and I have a few favorite Mexican singers as well :)
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What if I have more than one? I like classic rock, country and contemporary Christian music.
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If you have more than one favorite, you may vote once for each of your favorite types. :)
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2 types of music for me, good and bad!!!!!
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All kinds - baroque, classical, rock, r&b, jazz, country, reggae, rap, etc.  Everything but elevator music that could mess up even the best written music.  "All Shook Up" or "Reggae Nights" as elevator music?  UGH.

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My first choice would be ROCK N' ROLL !
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I am with April...classic rock and christain rock
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My favorite would be jazz though I would say I enjoy listening to anything else listed there as well.
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Varried. I like instrumental type music when I'm writing.

I avoid elevator music *shudders* and rap.....or things that are tasteless like lots of swearing, music about sex...etc...
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70s and 80s rock is my favorite...and April and Brian guess what..I borrowed my oldest boys car yesterday couldnt find my keys and he had his radio turned to christian rock...I never even knew...made me so happy.
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It's a toss up between classical and good ol' fashioned blues. Not rock blues, but the old Muddy Waters, Professor LongHair and Howlin' Wolf Jack type of blues.
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Blues and jazz for me, with a bit of rockabilly to get things goin.
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I love big band and jazz, mainly the old standards from the 40's. Also, love Easy Listening by Henry Mancini and Percy Faith.
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Well hip hop is my main fav.!! soulja boy Rhiana Akon Lady GaGa all them!! But i like country as well and oldies too espcially the beetles!!
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Good old Herman Hermits go a long way, otherwise I've got to say alternative pop/rock like Crash Demo. I am not a kind that says no to folk music either but I do absolutely have a limit with R&B/Soul.
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I like everything except Reggae...but my favorite would be bluegrass/celtic,,second most favorite would be blues,,,

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