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Favorite movies?

What are some of your favorite movies?

A partial list of Swampy's (but not in order):

Harold and Maude
The Last Emperor
The Shawshank Redemption
The Seven Faces of Dr Lao
Safety Last
The Flight of the Phoenix (original)
Its a mad mad mad mad world
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Bridges of Madison County
Evil Dead 1 and 2
The last time i saw paris
Penny Serenade
The Thornbirds
Stand by me
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I'll add all of Chris's too.  It is so hard to remember!
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Couple more

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Annie Hall
Sling Blade
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and the Motercycle Diaries, Coffee and Ciggeretts...........
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EVERYTHING by Wes Anderson!! And of course the best movie ever Pulp Fiction ! Vincent Vega is the best character ever! Jules being runner up.
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What do you think of Gilliam's other films -- Brazil and Adventures of Baron Munchausen?

Also listing St Elmo's fire, what of Return of the Secaucus Seven? Shootydarns, Swampy can't remember the other film inspired by that...
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Just a few:
Ordinary People
Being There
The Omega Man
St Elmo's Fire
The LOTR trilogy
Left Behind 1-3
On A Clear Day
Guys and Dolls
Time Bandits

I have eclectic taste. ;)
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Some of my favorites:

   The Breakfast Club
   Steel Magnolias
   Mary Poppins
   Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
   Willy Wonka
   Gone in 60 Seconds
   Dazed and Confused
   The Parent Trap
   The Fast and the Furious
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Does a min-series qualify?

As well as an awesome novel, the mini-series


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Love dramas the most ...

Our Town
Lorenzo's Oil
Fried Green Tomatoes
Dead Poet Society
Steel Magnolias
Dr Zhivago
The Notebook
Dances with Wolves
Gone with the Wind
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It would be easier to watch Tom Cruise films if he wasn't such a loony.

The Firm and Rain Man were probably his best, although Hoffman was so strong in Rain Man that it eclipsed him many times.

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Ok I have posted some movies already but I have not seen anyone show love for Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze besides Dirty Dancing.

TC-Top Gun and Days of Thunder
PS-Youngblood, Red Dawn, Point Break and the great Roadhouse

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Don't know what i was thinking...it was Burt he tried to drive like!
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the note book
con air
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Roadhouse  love it!! Sam Elliott dancing to all my ex's live in Texas!!
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I loved Smokey and the bandit!! I still watch it a few times a year!! My husband,at the time,thought he could drive like Clint Eastwood....we left the movie theater and he tried driving like him.....we were in a fast car going about 90 down the freeway in Dallas....of course the police got involved and we outrun them!!! Lol...............It was fun back then!

I was so scared to go in the water after watching Jaws......my husband would start that doodleing music....i would come running out of the water!!

They don't get any better than Freddie...I have all those movies! My twins were Freddie for Halloween....they loved to flip out their hand with the little knives(plastic)..lol..

I love Chucky and The bride of chucky...she was a mean little B------!!!!

Last, but not least,Pretty Woman...what can i say??

Let me add Rambo to that list!!! Gosh,i had dreams about him!!! Lol

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That is one odd list...you have a bunch of slasher films, a classic thriller, a chick flick, and themn...Smokey and the Bandit -- which is a classic of its type...

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A few of my fav's :

Lord of the Rings
Pretty Woman
Forrest, Forrest Gump  ; ^ )
The Green Mile
My Cousin Vinny
The Notebook (get the kleenex !)
The Naked Gun
Miracle on 34th Street
Independence Day
Home Alone
Raising Arizona
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All the Freddie movies
Pretty Woman
Smokey and the bandit
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Almost Famous
Dirty Dancing
The Breakfast Club
and I know this is a little tacky, but I really like Titanic
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How ironic, the first thing I though was;

hmmm...Harold And Maude, perhaps? And there it is, in your list.

How about

The Ruling Class
Escape From New York (So bad it's Good)
Shaft (the original)
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terms of endearment
50 first dates
sweethome alabama
pretty woman
ladder 49
(not in any particular order)
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Grose and lovethebops- 3 of my friends and I dressed up as the mean girls for "dress like a movie character day" We all bought pink shirts and wrote a quote that our character said in the movie.  It was really fun and I still wear my shirt (when Im being a scrub or working out) and people are like "what does that say??" lol

and msgorgous- I LOVED baby mama!! that is the most hilarious movie I have seen in a  LONG time.. oh geez I almost died of laughter.

I also really liked Knocked up.. Any of the movies with the guys from Superbad are usually hilarious.. I liked Superbad, but not right away.. lol I had to watch it a few times.
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