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First Concert

What was the 1st music concert you went to ?

Was it as life changing for you as it was for me ?
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yea it wqas liufe changing, SEX DRUGS AND ROCK N ROLL.  oh let the sun beat down on my face. stars will fill my dreams, driving to kashmeir....lol
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did u know the lead singer from kix was from up this way.. Steve Whiteman was born in keyser wva about 20 miles from here, he was in several bar bands here in the area before he made it with kix. i have met him several times pretty cool dude,,,, brian
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First music concert I ever went to?

David Cassidy.
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Believe it or not the first concert I went to was STYX.  Does that make me old?    
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hun zeppelin was around long before styx, and i have seen them several times real good show
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OMG afraid to say this Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.....
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Never saw Zeppelin.  Haven't been to too many concerts.  My favorite concert was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Atlantic City, very intimate....we were so close I could see up TP's nose.  
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never got too see tom petty would love too great song writer, and on a very sad note Richard Wright the keyboard player for Pink Floyd passed away this week truly one of the greats
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First concert I went to was Mirah Carey-Name spelled wrong. Yes I am a guy but the tickets were free.
Best concert I ever went to and was life changing was Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden. Don't agree with their politics but it was amazing concert to see.
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OMG my first concert i went to see ALL FOR ONE lol yeah i was 15. It wasnt life changing, well maybe at that time it was. I felt like the coolest girl ever hahaha.
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please help me... i am an old fart who is  all for one?? I AM PLEADING COMPLETE STUPIDITY AND I THOUGHT I KNEW MUSIC PREETY WELL THANKS.... BRIAN sorry for the caps
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its ok jolly we all have our ups and downs on the net

Travis Tritt
Joe Diffy
Back in the young days

Coolio Hernendez weres 88 days at man you still working on that????????

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Yeah...still working on it....I will send you PM with the myspace page and you can check it out as we put em up...

Lisa Lisa and the cult jam....WOW !!!!
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The Who. I was still a kid. My brother had a ticket, I didn`t, so I spent all night drawing my own ticket. It looked pretty real but not real enough. The ticket booth guy had mercy and let me in for free, back in the day...
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Peek,  ME TOO!  I went to see David Cassidy in the Astrodome around  . . . maybe 1973?  It was a fabulous concert,  and then my best friend Debbie Thompson and I went down into the basement of the Astrodome (she knew that's where musicians were escorted out in secret) and we were there waiting for him when the concert was over,  in the dark basement.  Haha.  He was escorted down there and we were feet away from him,  trying to grab at him when security guards chased us.  We ran back up the stairs and disappeared into the crowd.  Whew,  wild wild times.

Yeah well guess who I'm going to see next month?  Neil Diamond,  another  washed up has been.  Can't wait.

Where it began, I can't begin to know when
But then I know it's growing strong
Oh, wasn't the spring, whooo
And spring became the summer
Who'd believe you'd come along . . .
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hey neal diamond is not washed up man has a voice that is unreal!!! god blessed that man with a set of pipes, wish i could go with ya
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SWEEEEET CAROLINE.....great song...but I heard some weird story about it....ick.

Anyway Ive never been to a concert=(
But I would love to go see Bon Jovi
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First concert I ever went to was Pink Floyd, my older sisters friend back out at the last miniute, that was the begining of the end...I saw so many people in concert I can't remember...the best concert I went to IMHO was the stones, you had to send out a request (the did like six shows in the NY, NJ, Penn, Conn area) and if you where lucky you got tickets...I sent out I don't even remember, all I got back was postcards...I had to pay $150.00 for my ticket at a ticket trom but it was worth every penny to see Mic Jaggar come out on a hand throwing rose pedals at the stands...makes my knees weak just thinking about it lol
I saw a lot of bands in Manhattan before they ever got famous in clubs...like I said that was the begining of the end lol
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never got to see pink floyd i am jealous love them, yu know richard wright pased away this past week, best show i ever saw was zeppelin,  that was in 77. would have loved to see the giant floyd piug float over the stadium. sounds like we are old farts star......lol
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Mine was Whitesnake and Great White,
My husband Jeff was The Cult and Metallica!!
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don't laugh at me....but my first concert was *the backstreet boys* lmao. I LOVED them. Actually I was pathetically obcessed lol. I still own every CD they ever came out with, and I have 6 or 7 HUGE binders full of magazines they were in. My fav member was A.J. McLean lmao. It's sad I know but OMG they were awesome back then lol.
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THE BEACH BOYS @ Giant Stadium in NJ . In the late 70's ...

Now ask me what my favorite concert was and it would be a toss up among:

Billy Joel
Dan Fogelberg - my wedding song "Longer" 25yrs ago
John Denver
Neil Diamond

So sad, two of the four are deceased :(

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you named all great acts and it is sad two are gone actually 3 because the beach boys will never be complete any more
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Ah,  the Beach Boys.  Very cool concert.  I wish I had seen John Denver while he was living,  he's still one of my favorites!  I saw James Taylor,  and Peter Paul and Mary,  very cool.

I also saw Cheap Trick,  ACDC,  and the Police,  although all three of them gave me a noise headache and I couldn't believe how long the concerts were.  Have you ever been to a concert where you're just wishing everyone would quit begging for an encore because it's already been way too long,  and boring,  and your date won't leave until the whole misery was  over?  Haha.
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