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GAME: Person below me game!!

So, this game has been done on this forum before and was a hit but it was a LONG time ago.  So, I thought I'd try to bring it back and invite ALL to play!  Here's it is----  You write a statement.  The next person answers true or false to your statement.  Then they write a statement.  The next person after that answers true or false and then they write a statement.  And the next person after that answers, so on and so on and so on.  

So, let's give it a try.

The person below me loves dogs as much as people.
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Come on, somebody play the game with me.  LOL  
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I'll play, I'm just too dumb to do it right.  False about the dogs, though I do love them.  Just not as much as people, who are really the reason I'm here.  (Don't know if I could be one of those folks living alone in an apartment, I'd probably just give up.)  

The person below me likes to eat pastries at breakfast.
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Thank you for playing AB!!  :>)  

Hm, pastries at breakfast.  I do love a pastry any time but not so much at breakfast.  Too much sugar in the am doesn't sit well with me.  

The person below me recently had a memorable bad dream.
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I had a dream recently that I killed someone kind of incidentally and tried to cover up and fix things so I would not get caught.  I've never dreamed I killed someone before!  Both the action and the coverup would be so unlike me in real life (especially, if I were to actually do something criminal, I wouldn't spend one moment trying to cover it up, I'd go to the police and confess) that I thought about the dream for quite a while after I woke up.  I think it came from me thinking (in real life) before I went to bed that I had a certain kind of power over another person that I didn't want, and resolving to back off.  I don't even know if I really have that impact on the person's life, but it was obviously interesting enough to me to think about, that I kept thinking about it when I was sleeping!

The person below me has a good relationship with her mom.

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AB, that's a BAD dream.  I've had similar and I'm sure there are deep psychological things going on there.  LOL

I have so much love for my mama but she died many years ago so I love her from afar.  

The person below me would rather read a book than watch it after its made into a movie.  
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