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Gas Prices

Where do you live and what is the price of gas?
I live in Iowa.  Today the gas is $2.99/gallon.   In the last month it has went down from $3.94
to  $2.99.
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You are lucky, I live in NC. We are the third highest in the nation, after Alaska and Hawaii, can't figure that one out. We are at about $3.57 a gallon. That is down from $3.99 at the beginning of the month.
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Just outside of Albany NY and it's $3.32
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I live north of chicago and it is $3.43 here but in the city it is much higher. We were over $4.00 a gallon.
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In Huntsville, AL it's at $2.92 at the lowest priced stations, and about $3.10 on average. Just last week, the lowest prices were hovering around $3.60.
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I'm in Milford, Michigan and this morning it was $3.05.  The first few days after Ike we were at $4.42.
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I'm also in NC and it's still brutal!  The avg seems to be about $3.75 : (

I was just in Cleveland and the prices were in the low $3 range....Hope those prices are headed our way soon.
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Im in Minnesota and gas yesterday was 2.99....it was as high as 3.99.
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I am in Cedarburg, Wi just north of Milwaukee. We are at 3.27 down from the 3.70's just a few days ago.
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i live in western md and gas today went to $2.99 a gallon dropped from $3.29 a gallon yuesterday.. the only bad thing with economy being so bad and fas dropping noone has any money to buy it......lol   what a vicious circle we live in
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panhandle of florida...i just paid $3.05 this morning.  
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Crude oil prices are now falling to the point where OPEC is going to meet and try to cut supply.

Gasoline is going to drop fast because of the transition to winter fuel and the refineries back on line after the hurricanes.

What is going to be interesting is to see what happens to Chinese oil consumption. Much of the supply squeeze over the past few years has been related to high depand from China. Will China also have a recession? Will it cause oil prics to fall faster? Or will other Asian countries pick up the slack. Should be interesting.
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$3.27 here in Colorado. It has gone down. It's been as high as $3.99.
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$2.52 per litre (4and half litres =1 gallon) feel better now I live Australia.
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It has been $3.09 a gallon in Indiana. It has dropped for the last 3 days. The highest it every got was $6.00 a gallon, but that only lasted a few days. Thank Heavens!!
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I am in NC.  The cheapest around our area is $3.85 a gallon.

I don't understand how the prices are fluctuating like this??  How can this happen in the US?  Can't we have ONE FLAT gas rate?  I don't understand how gas jumps nearly $2 a gallon from one state to the next, or $.40 a gallon from one city to the next like it does here in my state.  It is so dang frustrating!
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3.48 in Southern California this morning
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Michigan a whopping 3.18 I think we cried lol
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2.76 today.
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Curiously, it's gone down again (here in Colorado)  - I saw $3.16 today. I, too, wonder why they fluctuate like that.
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oh we went back up today to 2.96
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Honey where do you live? Can I move in with you? LOL.
This county (Palm Beach Gardens) has always been more expensive than others in Fl. Gas prices are as high as $3.79. Is that ridiculous or what.
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We were down to 3:09  last night. Not sure what today's prices are.
I haven't seen it down this low in a LONG time. I didn't fill up yesterday so with my luck it went way up over night. lol
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Windsor Ontario Canada $1.07 per liter.
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It's down to 2.98 a gallon in Indianapolis, In. I can't believe it!! I doubt it will stay that low for very long though. I wanted to go on a short road trip to Bloomington, In to see all of the beautiful fall colored leaves, but camped at a state park instead. Maybe I'll take advantage of the lower gas prices next week if they are still down. :o)
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