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Genetic Testing for Alztimers

would you want to know 6 years in advance that you would be getting Alztimers? There is a blood test, I believe in the second clinical phasem that will be available with in x amount of years, my Dad has the disease, as did my Grandma. I spoke with my personal physican , whos family also carries the disease, he said he would not want to know. I would, I would want to start on meds right away. The ones that slow the progression of the disease.I would also do the couple ofvacations I want to take and put my affairs (legal stuff) in order,,

soon there will be many other genetic tests, would you want to know? what are your thoughts on the subject,?
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I would want to know.  I would make videos for my kids and my grandbabies.  I would get all my affairs in order so my kids didnt have to do that.
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There are things you could do to decrease your risk for getting Alzheimer's disease. Keep your mind active, read a lot and do crossword puzzles !
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My mom had alzheimers and she was a liberian, played the organ did tons of crossword puzzles plus read about 4 novels aweek, so keeping your mind active doesnt always help wish it would have. but I would want to know so I could everything taken care of
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I am not sure whether or not I would, I have heard there is a new drug being tested called Rember, in Aberdeen UK it has had some good reports of the trials....
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Was your mother happy ? Apparently that also has something to do with it.
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btw... I'm sorry to hear that your mother had Alzheimer's. It must be difficult watching your loved ones not being able to recognize you and/or watching them lose their memories, etc.  = (
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I have heard the keep the mind thinking theory and it certainly makes sense, between running the hysterectomy forum, going to college full time and playing games on the computer, I am using my brain most of the day. Sometimes when I fall asleep lately I have anatomy vocabulary running through my brain.

With my Dad its a tough call , which came first, or what causes what he had a stroke at 39 which destroyed some brain tissue, hes also an extremely heavy drinker, that over a period of 50 years has destroyed tons of brain cells. his clinical Dx is Alztimers but his history and use of booze plays a heavy part. My Grandma never did any drinking and she was mentally sharp until mid 80s then it seemed to hit her and she declined very rapidly in her mental capacitys, her physical body did not give out till late 90s.
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Yes my Mom was the same as your Mom cherie but she was a type 1 diabetic and she had had that for 30 years so I do think that affected her mind,and weakened her heart .
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Yes my mom was very happy, her and dad were childhood sweethearts, they did everything togther, she had it for about 8 years before she passed and the last 3 years she was real bad, dad took care of her at home, was with her almost 24/7..it taqkes a big toll on the family and the caregiver. It ir tough when your own mom doesn't know who you are, but you have to learn to deal with it, What always bothered me the most was, what was going on inside her mind did she know if she was ill, could she remember us but for some reason couldn't tell us...
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I would definitely want to know so that I could prepare for it, start taking the meds, write things to leave for my grandkids and videos for my kids...
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If you fell into the group where you were faced with this same ? and a high probability of it being positive, I wonder if it would change your mind to the vote ?

I have had melanoma and my father died 19yrs ago to pancreatic cancer.  I've been offered a new genetic test to determine if I carry the gene predisposed for me to get Pancreatic Cancer due to me already having had a melanoma.  I've passed for now.  I realize others are more comfortable and want to know .. I have had a few CT Scans for kidney stones within the past 5 yrs so I know nothing is out there that doesn't belong, but I really don't want to know my destiny unless there's something out there for more prevention than I'm already doing.

Just my 2 cents.

Alzheimer's goes the same way with me.  I'l pass.  But no judgement passed on those who want to know.

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Yes thats how I feel I dont need an added concern at presnat with no symptomsof it  I am left feeling okay, My Mom had some dementia mostly due to chronic diabetes for years ...
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To be forewarned is to be forearmed... I would absolutely want to know.
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I had to think long and hard about this one....in the end I think it would be good to know. To get organised, legally etc before you have someone else deal with your affairs.
  I too, would make a history for the family to look back on. Many times people get too old or diseases and we say, oh if only I had asked her about such and such..now it's too late.
Also, it would be good to let your kids know that you know one day you would not recognise them, and that you love them.
  My grandmother is 92 and just starting to show signs of it...but it could also just be plain old age doing that to her! She is my father's adoptive mother. My biological grandmother died from mouth cancer (we think!) so don't believe there is any Alzheimer's on that side. My mum's side there isn't either, but who knows what will occur!
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I would want to know. Last thing I would want was to find out when it's too late to reverse the development.
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Yes, I would definitely want to know. Having a young child (8Y/O ) I would want to make sure arrangements are made so I would know he will be taken care of. I also would want to get my affairs in order. I do not want to be a burden on my older boys.. If I had the gene, I would tell the docs to load me up on the meds. I would do all the things I have wanted to do. I believe when we are faced with an illness, whether we are the patient or the family, we learn to appreciate each day and live it as if it were our last day. That's the way we try to live now.
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I think something we need to think about is the fact that we don't even know if we will be here tomorrow.

So we need to just start making sure we live each day without regrets, and doing what we need to do, and saying what we need to say.

that is so easy to say, and sounds so correct. Why can't we do it more often?
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