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Global warming?

Open for discussion....What is your take?
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well lets see its January 14th and its 15 degrees the high today is to get to 19, tomaorrow it is supppost to be a high of 9 degrees...where is the warming????

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I believe we do have some global warming however I dont think it is as bad as the Media say it is, I think the history of mankind shows we have had this kind of warming before and I take it more that it is a natural process at this time, I think we need to clean up our act and make our Air a lot better for us to breathe and be healthier.
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I am 36 years old, I look back through the years and it seems to be getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter with less snow (most of the time). I do think it is a contributing factor.
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Also, for the past several years we have a lack of rain to say the least in the summer.. what else could it be if it isn't global warming?
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We didn't have a lack of rain here last summer, we had flooding in the streets, it was pretty bad.
I say global warming is a load of ****, it was -9 last night for goodness sake.
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I live in southern Ohio where it is normally a really nice area to live in. Just the right temps in the summer, with just enough rain but not much humidity, doesn't get too cold in the winter with snow that comes and melts away the next day or so, never see any tornadoes etc. All of a sudden the last several years all this is just the opposite!
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You mentioned the drought. I watched a special on History Channel Sunday morning and it was about the Dust Bowl. Others on here might be able to tell you more than I can about it but basically it was back in the 1930s I believe or around about that time and they went through one of the worst droughts in history. The history channel also said that we are also going through that right now and it goes with the time. I am not sure about the global warming but i will tell you that the media tends to exagerate everything!!!
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I was given this article from a fellow co-worker. Hope you enjoy! I sure needed the laugh!

http:  //    www.capecodtoday  .com  /blogs  /index  .php  /2008  /05  /13/  estonia-  taxes-  farmers-for  -cow-farts  ?blog  =  94
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  Well I think the term "climate change" is more accurate and that's why they use it now even though there is an overall global warming. Where I live the weather has been warmer overall but there have been winters with thunderstorms, summers with tornadoes, huge droughts and then huge periods of rain in the last 10 years. And this is N.Y.C. Usually the weather is extremely stable. Certainly not tornadoes and that was two years in a row. Not to mention obvious clues like the polar ice shelf melting and the like. Or the patterns of migratory birds. The robins no longer fly south for the winter. The ocean currents are changed by the rising temperatures so some places do see colder weather.
   As for what causes it, there is a proven increase in CO2 emmissions. The real problem is to figure out a way to stop it without impacting on companies and industry in general and the average American taxpayer. In Detroit from what I've read they are starting to make electric cars. But not through any regulations but on their own. The only issue now is if they can be made affordable. That would be a start right there. And one that would also take care of other proven sources of pollution that are not being debated.
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The experts are saying that curbing coal emissions alone may avert climate danger. I hate just sitting here, watching icebergs the size of Delaware, breaking off and melting and not doing anything about it. This is wrong. Since our president and his administration have done nothing, there will be consequences as a result. I hope president-elect Obama will take action immediately. At least we know that he won't have his attorneys alter the research on global warming like Bush did.
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Here's an interesting blog I was reading yesterday:


wunderground.com  /blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=1177

It's about the polar ice cap thinning out....
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Good lick, MJthewriter !
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RATS ! I meant to write "LINK"

How embarrassing !
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I think we are having global warming. I also think its cyclic. I am glad the media is putting all the hype on it because sometimes it takes mass hysteria to make the general masses change their wastefull habits.
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