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Help! My son wants to know why we do Christmas trees???

My son asked me this weekend, while decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments, etc., "Mom, why do we do Christmas Trees anyway?  Jesus lived in the desert???"..... so, Why Do We Use Trees As a Symbol???

Just wondering if you know?  

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Its goes back to pagan germany.  The Germanic tribes use to celebrate the winter solstice by honouring the evergreen tree.  They used this tree because it was one of the few trees that didn't "die" with the coming of the snow.  The celebration evolved to placing lights on the tree to help usher in the day when the days began to get longer.  Once the Germanic tribes converted to christianity they brought with them a few of their previous traditions.
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My preacher once asked me why I drink I said didnt Jesus drink he shut up then.

I thought christmas trees were used so santa claus could leave the presents under them?? I have never heard the german story nice though.
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I swear - I was a complete blank...didn't have a clue.  It's amazing what thought process a 9 year old can accomplish.  "Jesus lived in a desert Mom - they don't have pine tress in a desert - it doesn't make any sense..."  Of course, we are holding onto the hope that he still believes in Santa (which I personally don't think he does but his Dad does - so.... my 19 year old son says he is doing it like he did because he is afraid he won't get any gifts...)

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Let's see what wikipedia has to say. Chances are if you have a question and google it, you'll find a good answer.
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Copied from my journal The Real Meaning Of Christmas - Christian Beliefs:

Christmas Trees and Christianity

There are many legends across Europe that Christmas trees are used to describe Christ’s birth. One legend involves a Monk from the 7th century that used props while teaching the gospel and he used the fir tree to describe the Holy Trinity. Later in Europe the tree, being used as a symbol of Christianity at Christmas, was hung upside from the ceilings. This tree was called the Upside Down Fir Tree.

Another legend involving Martin Luther stated that he was walking home on a bright night and noticed how the snow and stars lit up the trees. He was so impressed, he took a tree and put candles on it, and to him this represented Christ’s birth.

Hope that helps!
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As for the believing in Santa, we told our 10 year old daughter "If you stop beleiving in Santa, then he stops bringing presents."  She hasn't brought up the subject since!
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I had a "Duh!" moment after I put it on the forum.    I googled it and found it, but it amazed me at 40, I didn't have a clue when my son asked me.  

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Queen Victoria introduced them into England her Husband was German and thats how the tradition was started there, I believe that The Danes give a huge Fir Tree each year to England as a Thank you for stopping the Germans in the WWii it is set up in Picadilly Circus .
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