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How do you all feel how President Obama has been with other leaders of world

I really would like to see from you all here, what you all think of how President Obama has protrayed, our country to foriegn leaders of the world? Personally i think he really has hurt our country by being, overly nice to the Cuban heads of state, and Chavez. I am sorry if i am insulting anyone but why would the President of our country bow to a king of Aribia. I really dont think our president should bow ro anyone? Just my thoughts please give me yours
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I would tend to agree. The most important thing to me is whether he is doing it out of fear or being a diplomat. I know that when President Nixon sent Henry Kissinger to China meeting their obligations wasn't on our agenda. But it was that approach that got them to tone down and work with us and not be our outright enemies. I'm not sure why either of those leaders are worth approaching though as they are not that important. Hugo Chavez is the leader of a country with oil resources but there are a growing number of people in his own country who dislike him and Castro probably will be gone in a number of years along with communism with him. I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. He has brought ruin to that country. Sometimes a president has to negotiate with an unpopular leader but it should be in our nation's best interest.
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I'm disappointed that our President would apologize to other countries about our so-called arrogance.  I'm sorry but he's supposed to be a mouthpiece for the people.  I'm sure there are many who believe he has his reasons, but to me he was out of line.
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"Personally i think he really has hurt our country by being, overly nice to the Cuban heads of state, and Chavez."

How about this video of Obama pointing at Hugo Chavez. It looks like a tense conversation:

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Thank you for putting this up here , he has weakened America a great deal, he has said very negative things about us calling us derisory and agressive and more , he has cosied up to some dictators in such a remarkable way,bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia when he wouldnt even visit the American graves in Normandy or bow to the Queen of England,  I question his agenda, and I voted for him.Actually Hillary Clinton has backed off I have noticed recently and is seeming to distance her self from him a bit. these recent Pictures of abuse are going to fire up a lot of people and I dont see why he has to give the okay to let them be seen, we need to move on not go back. We have more problems than he seems to want to make priority to,He seems to have some very strong feelings about making us eat crow, I think we have to all stand up and be counted in 3-4 years, before its too late ..Some of Europes papers  have started to sit up and notice  his extraordinary behavior of course if you sat and listened to the Rev Wright for 20 years you may also have that kind of agenda we are all shaped by our experiences ....arent we?
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I am not sure what to think right now, I think I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  I am sure Chavez expected the New American president to distance him or treat him in a cool manner.  I am sure his head is going in circles as a result of the reception he got.  I tend to think the media is looking for ratings as well. My mama always told me to never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.  So yeah, I will withold judgment at this time.  I like the way he is taking on the credit card companies as well as tackling the health care issue as well.  No other president has dared be so bold and honest about it in the process.  I find this approach refreshing. Of course, I voted for him, so I am gonna support him till I am convinced he is EVIL and plotting to bring about our destruction as a company and all that good stuff. lol And america is divided, and we are full of ourselves.  Fact or fiction?
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"when he wouldnt even visit the American graves in Normandy or bow to the Queen of England"

He did a half bow. If you ask any European whether or not you are supposed to bow to the queen, they will say, "not really". Most people don't.

Obama was simply following the rules.... very wise move when you are dealing with leaders in other countries. You must show respect.
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I totally agree with margypops.  We have given Obama a chance to show his true character and look where it is leading us.  We are now going to show specific tapes of prisoners being tortured.  Just wait, we were all concerned about our military before, this new info that was released and these tapes, will just cause more harm to our military and country.  I am disgusted with the way that this man cannot seem to keep his sh## together.  What the hell is wrong with you people.  Do you think that getting even with Bush will make things all better?  Bush did many things wrong but to put this country in harms way just to get back at the past administration is wrong.   This is totally a media circus and needs to be stopped.  Our military has fought hard for this country and for the people of Iraq.   Now this country is looking like a big joke to the other countries around the world.  Chavez thought that Obama was a joke.  He does not respect him or anyone.  And of course, we have Pelosi standing up and trying to explain that she did not know that we were waterboarding the terrorists.  She is not very good at lying.  Oh, and she feels bad for the illegal immigrants that are being taken in the middle of the night.  What the heck, if she is so concerned about them then why doesn't she go live with them in their country.  We don't need her in ours.  She is a complete joke.  Obama does not follow the rules that this country made, he follows his own rules.  Remember, he said that he won and he will do what he wants since he is the President.  I guess he was right.  Now we are all going to pay for it.  

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Obama has done harm to this country he had a buddy buddy handshake with Chavez...and the way he has put our country down is horrible...and releasing the documents on how we gained info to keep our country safe is sinfull...and any liberals out there i dont care how you all respond or what YOU THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amen, Jollyman069.
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Well hmmm! I am not liberal, nor am I a bush hater, seeing I voted for the man! Sometimes I think the only reason these topics are posted is to start sh%t.  LISTEN TO YOURSELF, then tell me again what is wrong with this country! C-YA
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President Obama is a joke. You take a book from Chavez that is nothing but America bashing, you bow to Saudia Arabia...give me a break.
This is what you get when you elect someone with zero experience. 2012 the republicans better put up someone good to get Obama out of office.

I did not vote for President Obama and do not support a thing that he is doing, but said I would give him a chance and no matter what he has said or done it has been 100% wrong on everything.
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I completely agree with you both.  I did not vote for Obama and I said I would give him a chance.  Within the first week of office he signed a couple bills that I was totally against.  One being that we are paying for abortions and birth control for third world countries!  WHAT?  That's not our responsibility.  

As for bowing like he did to the King of Saudi Arabia - what a joke!  The fact that he's only been in office 3 short months and he's already made a deal with Cuba that opens it up for travel, etc. is beyond comprehension to me.  He is doing stuff way too fast and it's going to backfire on us.

I understand that many people think I should give him longer before making these judgments - but I can't!  I believe he's headed in the wrong direction for this country.  As far as taking on the credit card companies - well, I think there's an agenda there too.  Let's see, does our government want to own the credit card companies too?  I'm sorry, but I've never been someone who has been conspiracy ridden, but I gotta tell you this President scares the heck out of me!

As for the interrogations and tortue of terrorists - I have no sympathy for them.  I know that sounds cold, but they are the ones who are ruthless and horrible - cutting people's heads off with dull blades!  I have listened to several military men talk about their roles as interrogators and they explained that they go through the same tortue as part of their training that they give out.  If it's good enough for our troops then it's good enough for the terrorists who want to kill us all. This is a different kind of war and once we all understand that the better off we will be.

So, we all have a right to state what we believe FOR NOW anyway.  I'm not so sure how long that will last.  

As for 2012, I believe this country needs to pull together and stop the two party system - it's broke and hasn't worked in a long time.  It's time to vote an independent in and send a message to those democrats and republicans who think they are above the law.  

We're not all going to agree and so I hope that those who disagree with me can at least respect my right to free speech, like I do yours.  We should be allowed to voice our opinions because once we stop allowing that - we're doomed.
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Actually most people in England do bow and curtsey to the Queen....and when you talk of respect they knew the tradition of not touching the queen , all visitors are told the protocol of it before they meet with her , yet Michelle O Bama put her arm around her ,respect? following the rules?Plateletgal . Anyway thats trivia I agree compared to the danger of what he is doing to us., Mellisa .. that pelosi is really somethingof course she knew about water boarding.I have been puzzled why with all our other problems to solve this President seems to want to bring all this up again,first the waterboarding, then yesterday the news he has okayed the releasing of more photos of the illtreatment of other prisoners ,hes out to get the last President any way he can and make America weaker, he has cut Military spending even as N Korea was sending up a Rocket   he said he was going to fix health care but he hasnt even started on it , it was more important to get started on freeing the Gitno prisoners , and freeing the over crowded prisons in LA also making sure Illegal Immigrants get their citizenship,and bring in their relatives,everything he has done in the 100 days has weakened America as his pal said the chickens have come home to roost at least in his eyes.  Well it has to be in our hands in the next 3-4 years, he supposed to be working for us isnt he,  we need to make our voices heard..
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Going back to jollyman's original question asking what we thought about how President Obama has portrayed our country to foreign leaders around the world...

It seems like he runs us down any and every chance he gets.  When my kids have "friends" who talk about them behind their backs I tell them that "these are no friends at all."  So I ask all of us:  If he doesn't like the US or the people in the US, WHY did he want to become the President....could he have a bigger agenda...?  
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Ireally wanted the President to do well and was willing to give him a chance, but when 4 of his picks for cabinet offices all "forgot" to pay taxes and many more pulled there names from the list because of tax problems...then the UNCONRTOLED spending that they are doing that did it for me..then to go over seas and talk down his own country that he is the Leader of...and that my father and sbrother and son in law risks there lives for, which my son in law was in 4 roadside explosions in Iraq..and is disabled for the rest of his life...the President is no patriot at all now tell me whats wrong with this counrty...bleeding heart liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Totally agree jollyman, what can we do except make sure we dont vote him in another term, hope he doesnt do too much damage , he has been racing along to get all this done , the speed of it all makes your head spin and each day something else , I dont think he really likes the America we are.. I think he wants to change America .. remember he was honest  his Motto was' Change' in the election and thats what he is doing.we will be bankrupt and yes some of would have liked to have left something to our grandchildren,not paid it out in Taxes,. We need to demand the minutes on the waterboarding Pelosi wont be the only one who knew, the minutes will tell us ,  There is a legislation being voted on in the House next week ...Hate Crimes, but apparently its hate against the homosexual community ,meaning not wanting to allow homosexual marriage,/ also hate against minorities, but not against US Service personel  who they dont consider have hate crimes perpetrated against them!!
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"and any liberals out there i dont care how you all respond or what YOU THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lack of respect for your fellow Patriots ? btw... how do you know that I'm a liberal ? Anyhow, since you don't care for fair & intelligent political discussions, I will refrain from posting in this thread again. IMHO, people who turn their heads and disrespect other views, do so because they don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to the debate.

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that really breaks my heart
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I think Obama has done a lot of harm to our country by apologizing to other countries the way he has, as well as numerous other things he's done.  I did not vote for him because I didn't feel like he was ever working for the best interests of the country and it's citizens.  

So far, he has gotten a spending bill passed that will never allow us to get out of debt.  As my husband put it so simply the other night:  "You can't spend your way out of a recession".  As for health care - I'd love to see everyone have access to affordable health care, but I think the changes have to come from within the health care system, not from the government.  Somehow, the health care industry needs to find ways to reduce costs - not the government trying to figure out a way to pay for it all.  Is 5-7 minutes in a pcp's office REALLY worth $250??  What kind of medicines are worth $50-$100 PER pill??  

The unfortunate thing about our country's economic condition is that those of us who have worked all our lives to get ahead are going to have to pay for Obama's folly in spite of the fact that the $ we struggled to save are no longer worth anything near what they used to be. WE are going have to use OUR hard earned $ to pay for the bad decisions of executives of the car manufacturers, credit card companies, etc. while THEY walk away with billions of $.  

I think we should ALL do everything we can to enjoy our lives as much as possible and get the most from what we have, because when Obama is finished, we will have nothing left - possibly not even our freedom.  I just wonder what "nationality" we will be expected to conform to??  

And WHO is it going to help by trying to prosecute the Bush administration?  I did not like Bush and I don't think he did this country any favors, but at least he wasn't apologizing for "arrogance" and doing his best to make our country look bad to the rest of the world.  

I think Obama is the arrogant one to presume that the American people WANT him to apologize for ANYTHING in our behalf.  I believe that he is evil and is set on destroying our country.  He's hell bent to "do whatever he wants" and I fear that does not bode well for "Main Street"..........  

Don't forget:  The GOVERNMENT doesn't pay for ANYTHING; we working stiffs do.  
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To answer your original question jollyman I do believe like you he has hurt America a lot, I have never heard a President of the United States apologise to other countries for us nor say we have been derisory and Arrogant, plus other negatives , he rebukes us in that preacher voice, now where did he learn that,at every opportunity, I think we have been weakened and brought down by him, I do think he must have an  agenda of punish and change , I am certain the Dictators like Chavez and Castro and the others are highly amused at his antics,when have you heard them run their countries down On telivision in front of the World.
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I don't know. I vote democratic and I am already disappointed with President Obama in this regard as well as some other issues but there is so much going in America that's of concern such as the reccession I don't think we can just sit back and let things pass. I am what you would call middle of the road as regards being a democrat and I got tired of people I knew who were a bit too far left of center who acted like Bush was a dictator and things would automatically improve when he left. I did not appreciate their thinking. But it works the other way as well. If the powers that be in any regard don't do anything to restructure and repair the national economy then there will be a global reccession that may spiral into the depths the great depression did. I look back and I don't believe President Obama will have the ideas that F.D.R. did. Remember F.D.R. pulled us through World War II and did not take disrespect from dictators far more harmful than any we discuss. But regardless of his policies and how we feel about them when he said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" to me that applies to all times. If we sit back and wait for things to get worse regards of who is president, then yes our hopes will come true...
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I am thinking the same way, if Bush had done to us what OBama has done there would have been an out cry, to me its also a matter of priorities, his arent exactly fixing our economy woes if anything he is making them worse,his main concern seems to be other agendas of appeasing the rest of the World who have been a threat to us. I must say I had a gut feeling but this is way beyond what I had imagined. It is good to air our concerns thank you jollyman for this, we needed it its not all about trivia and games, we have to be able to speak ...free speech or has that been muffled already...
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If you see it on a global scale, Obama is doing just the right things, trying to open doors, breaking down crusted structures. He is the right guy at the wrong time though and with the wrong people. Bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia shouldn`t shatter us either. Saudi Arabia silently owns a lot of our economy and steers large global projects and Obama will be quite aware of that.

If this Social Forum represents what all the fellows around me are thinking, I can only say good night. It would have been a great platform for broad discussions but nobody takes advantage of it. You guys need a religious forum where all is about belief, condemnation and patting each other on the back.

Sickening. Bye MH.
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So you dont like open discussion and free speech, I agree with you,,, sickening... a social forum is also for folks to discuss and be able to speak freely thats what America is or was about .a social forum is not all about trivia and games.You have got your eyes wide shut if you think OBama is doing all the right thing, I agree with you,  sickening I dont think bowing to the Saudi King was shattering either it was mostly showing us hwre his main values lie.By the way was it also okay he called America Derisory and Arrogant ?
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