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How do you recover financially after a major health issue?

So I was struggling but able to make ends meet, and even have the occasional $5 treat (app, ebook, Starbucks Mmmmmm....), then I got hit by an illegal (no, that's not a race). All of us went to ERs, mine to a trauma center, after the ho$pital acquired infection, it was six months in a specialist ho$$$pital ICU. I'm alive but nearly fainted when I totaled the bills. My retirement and emergency savings kept me alive otherwise everyone would have denied care until it was too late. How do you recover? I would like to avoid bankruptcy, and there is no financial or legal recourse from the other driver who caused this nor the hospital. The concussion caused me to miss any legal dealines. I don't know anyone and would be really embarressed asking for donations - that's for those worse than me, or if I wasn't recovered as much as I am. $urgery #40 is next month, though, and my health unsurance doesn't want to cover it. Yes, I'm fighting it, otherwise another loan. . .
Ideas, suggesstions, thoughts, well wishes, hang in theres would all be helpful.
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