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I was just wondering if anyone that has social phobia or social anxiety have ever tried hypnotherapy for a cure. I was just wondering, because I have a really bad case of social phobia due to my asperger's syndrome. I'm currently trying to get over it on my own, but it is really hard. If anyone has tried this for a cure, please let me know how it worked. Thanks! :)
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I've not tried it.  If it works please let me know.
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If I do decide to try it, I'll gladly let you know if it works or not. :)
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I actually tried this for quite a few sessions in 1999, in an attempt to make going to high school less distressing.  It was a move of desperation, as I had severe anxiety, and I refused to go to school.  The hypnotherapist I went to had actually had a patient successfully go through surgery without anesthesia, and had a good reputation.  After a few sessions though, we hadn't seen normal progress and he told my mother (it was her idea) that there likely wouldn't be anything he could do for me.

The hypnotherapist I saw was a very ethical guy though, and he referred me to a psychiatrist that he had high regard for.  That psychiatrist was able to help me a lot, and I ended up seeing him regularly for 6 years, through most of my time in college.  So while hypnotherapy didn't work for me, I still ended up being helped by the therapist!  In a roundabout way at least.

A psychologist I later saw said it wasn't a surprise at all that I wasn't able to be hypnotized, due to my personality, so my case was probably a lost cause from the start.  It might be worth asking a psychologist/psychiatrist if they think you're a good candidate.
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Thank you for your response. :) I'll try asking my psychologist if I would make a good candidate or not. Thanks again. :)
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Well this is not so much a question for the social forum but I do know that hypnotherapy has been said not to be a good idea for people with bipolar as I was told by a mood disorders specialist. They did not detail why. But I would not consider it and did respect their advice. As for whether its of help it depends on the issue and the person involved.

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