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I am so confused must be getting old

does anyone have or have they bought for anyone the wii fit, I bought my daughter one for christmas, I am not sure if they wii games are compatible with wii fit, or do you buy seperate games, she told me she wants this game called raving rabbids that you sit on the wii fit balance board and play with your butt??  I do not have a clue what she is talking about .. anyone??
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dont know but seen the commercial for wii fit what a great idea..the kids can have their game and exercise too.
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yes, the rabbits game uses the wii fit board.  if you have the wii game system and the wii fit board, you only need to buy the game.
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if you look on the back of the Wii game it will tell you what you need to use to play the game.  For example, if it just uses the remote, there will be a little picture of a Wii remote.  If it uses the Wii mat, there will be a little symbol of the Wii mat.
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Only the latest Rayman game, "Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party" uses the balance board.  There are two older "Rayman Raving Rabbids" Wii games that predate (and thus don't use) the board.  I'd ask at the store if you aren't sure.  Like gwmclean says, the back of the game should indicate which accessories work with the game, but it is kinda confusing.

Wii fit is a game that comes with the board, and as the title implies, it's a game with exercises and such.  There are more games coming out that use the board.  I know there is a Wii Ski game and a new snow boarding one, just to name a couple.

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Soccer, bowling, snowboards and golf - sounds like fun but I enjoy getting off my butt and out the door. Only off butt doesn't count for the fresh air and getting wet of rain into the skin and into the ears. Gotta be the real stuff :-p

I didn't get Wii games at all for my kid this year, but it is just my awe about exercise that causes it. I got her some proper Goretex shoes though. Won't keep the water out in the length but no butts.

Enjoy the game! It does probably have tons of benefits. I agree that nature isn't always kind, especially not when it shows off on the stirring side. I'd give a lot to get fit inhouse :-)
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thanks everyone!!!

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