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Indoor Skydiving???

Has anyone ever gone? My fiance wants to go actual sky diving but i think we should start with indoor skydiving first.. does anyone know if there are any facilities in pennsylvania
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How the heck does a person sky dive indoors? No offense but that seems a little odd to me! Love to know how it is done!
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I am afraid of heights. Doesnt matter if it is inside or outside! I get faint feeling on a six foot ladder, lol, so Im probably not a good one to judge?
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they have a wind tunnel..
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Oh yeah! I know what you mean now! Sounds like fun and alot safer!
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Why not go skydiving? (You could always let your fiancee go separately)
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What about going to one of those theaters where you actually feel what you are seeing on the screen...don't know what they are called, here the theater is called IMAX...there are screens all around you and if the movie is about skydiving, you could actually get the "feeling" of it, before you do it.  Also, if you get scared, all you have to do is close your eyes, and the feeling goes away!!  Plus, you are in no danger of getting hurt... ;)
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Sounds like fun to me! :D
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Oh, they had an imax in ohio.  I went and it was about those planes that perform in the air for air shows! OMG! I got so sick! I couldnt even walk I was sooo dizzy! Never did it again!
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