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Inspirational Historical Figure in Your Life?

Just wondering if people could pick one person in history, political, cultural, religious, etc. but preferably a person from recent political history that is inspirational to you in how they lived their life and you think of them and their approach, in your life and their contribution to society. This isn't a debate so any side of the political spectrum is welcome. I'll start with mine. Ed Roberts, founder of the independent living movement (could look him up on Wikipedia if you wish) but everyone must have someone so post whoever you think has shaped your life and society for the better.
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LT COL Oliver North
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our  16th Preident Abe Lincoln...thank God for him.

I admire Oprah on many levels, she came from so little, over-achieved and is a pretty good humanitarian.
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President,,,who would know  just passed a keyboarding class LMAO.
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I also admire Oprah Winfrey... she is certainly an inspirational woman who has made a difference in many peoples lives.
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Mr Nelson Mandela, he exemplifies a moral integrity that shines far beyond any other, a truely extraordinary man.
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