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its about a flight less bigd who does anything to get its dream
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I didn't quite understand this one. Did the bird die? I hope not. :(
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Well he lived in the idea that we arent alive unless we are experiencing our dream and then yes he died thats how the animator ended it. if you look up kiwi you can find an interview with the animator
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I was asked to bump and tell what my interpretation of it was and this is it. What i wrought above is still but here is a little more depth.

We all work in our live to achieve our dreams kiwi did the same he work hard and long to achieve hes dream. But our dreams are not always easy and at times must come at a great cause when kiwi crys in the end you could said its because he knows it will end and he will die or and how i see it for once in his life he was happy. Reflect this in yourself. If your pushed from your dreams or goals you become unhappy but when you find your dreams or achieve your goals you are happy. dreams are not easy and thats why kiwi had to nail so many trees to the mountain such long tioudious work and im sure many told him it was stupid or called him/her crazy.

i hope to be like kiwi live my dream and die happy
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Thanks for bumping it cloud, I loved this but I forgot his name, couldn't find the thread and without the name couldn't find it on Utube.

I think this guy is so talented!  The story was so good, sad though. Kiwi is adorable.

But even though its sad, I was happy for Kiwi, but the sadness of how he achieved his dream,,

Can you post the link with the interview, I would like to see what the animator says... He's really good.
Thanks again and I think anyone who watches it will appreciate this guys talent..
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sorry it looks like it was pulled or something but here the link to his website

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Thanks Cloud.:)
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