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Ladies, how do you manage to keep your hair from smelling after cooking?

I got married 8 months ago, and I still have VERY limited abilities to cook. I know what ya'll think, poor hubby lol. One of my pet peeves is that after I'm done in the kitchen, my hair smells very bad, and also my clothes. I can't wash my hair every day, and I definitely can't cook naked lol. So ladies, please help me out here, what are some tricks for not getting a smelly hair? UGH...it makes me want to puke I swear...lol
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Aprons help the clothes part a lot. Use a splatter shield on your pans, quite a bit of the smell is grease that is being thrown up.

If you are going to deep fry, you'll need a hood.

Cook at a lower temperature, and make sure your kitchen has lots of ventilation.

Cook with cloves and things that smell nice.
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Hmmm, I've never experienced that problem.

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I know exactly what you mean, PrettyKitty! I hate that too! I really notice it when I'm making chili or something. Ugh.
I'm not sure how to keep the smell out of your hair either. I was wondering if pulling it back or braiding it first might help?
Anybody else out there have any ideas?
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I always keep my hair up while cooking as I am a "shedder" and don't want to flavor the food with my hair.

Perhaps a chef's hat could help. I also use an apron as I tend to wear a lot of splatter or like to wipe my hands a lot.
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wannabenana, are you serious? lol It's not just my hair, it's my neck and my clothes, ugh...
I do cook with lard because I've heard it's better for you than Vegetable Oil. That lard is hard to get rid of when doing the dishes (maybe I'm not using the right dish washing detergent?), and the smell...ugh. But the food is tasty. In other words, the food tastes much better with lard.

Swampy, thank you. I will definitely follow your advice. I do try to add ingredients that actually smell good, but it's when the lard is getting hot in the pan that the smell starts to attack. I also open doors and windows, but still the bad odor always sticks to my hair.
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UGH..April, we're on the same page hun. It's absolutely disgusting.

Andi, where can I get a chef hat?
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I thought you were kidding somehow, lol, sorry, but in all my years cooking I've never experienced that one!  What on earth are you cooking my dear?
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Yes, I am serious!

LARD????? Are you serious? You're not only clogging your kitchen pipes, but also your arteries! I do agree that food tastes better when cooked with lard, but I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

I always cook/bake with my kitchen window wide open, regardless of the temperature outside, that probably helps to eliminate a lot of the odor.
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Jacqui lol I'm not kidding. I can honestly tell you that cooking has got to be one of the worst experiences of my entire life. I hate it, just because I always end up smelling horrible. I need to do something about it.

wannabenana, so no lard? how do you fry your stake and your chicken? Even in the oven, the smell of the chicken or whatever it is gets to my hair. It's not just the lard, it's the actual smell of the food. I buy my meat at Publix? Should I get it some place else? lol
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I do a lot of B-B-Qing or baking in the oven.

If you want to do yourself and hubby a big favor (and hopefully live longer) STOP cooking with lard!

I'm not familiar with Publix.

Go visit the Healthy Cooking Forum and get some ideas.
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Darn...that's right, one of the few supermarkets we'd have in common would be Walmart.

I do like BBQ and grilled meat or chicken, but I honestly don't have the time for it. I work 12 hours, so I barely even have time to clean my house. The fastest way of cooking I have found is frying my stake most of the time. Mind you, I do not eat much, especially what I cook. I'm a lousy, clumsy cook. Since I got married I've lost a bit of weight due to the fact that I will not eat my own food.  I do try to eat healthy as much as I can; but life sometimes is a rush. Even healthy cooking gives my hair a bad, very bad smell. YUK...

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm all for healthy living, I mean I used to be, before landing a 12 hr job!! lol
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I almost never fry anything anymore. It's too messy and bad for you. Try broiling your steak in the oven. In the Summer I barbecue steak and chicken, etc. Otherwise, I cook chicken in the oven, usually.
If you're pressed for time, try using your crockpot more. You can throw stuff in in the morning and it will be ready to eat when you get home from work. There's lots and lots of things you can cook in your crockpot! Buy a crockpot cookbook and you'll see what I mean!
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Crockpot cookbook, got it!

Thank you much hun. I'll certainly go for it. Anything to help me with my cooking issues.
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What are you cooking girl !! Honestly I have never heard of people getting cooking odours in their hair for domestic cooking.Youre using lard as Wannabenana says its bad for you.now Aprils idea for a crockpot, wow now its coming into winter you can come home and dinner is ready!! spicy cooking with little ventilation maybe your problem??
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How about a shower cap.
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I have the servants do the cooking.

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while the servants are cooking are the cabana boys fanning you and feeding you grapes???  LOL
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Wolfie must be of Cleopatra's bloodline lol

Kitty51....it isn't the spices I swear. I use what everybody does, but I think my problem is the lard although everything I cook gives that bad odor to my hair. I do open doors and windows but it works very little. You know I've always had cooking issues, don't you? lol
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Can't say I've ever had odour in my hair from cooking.  If anything would do it it would be frying with lard as it likely creates a lot of smoke.  I do like using the barbecue for steaks and chicken (even when it's snowing) as it is healthy and fast.  If you need to fry use a bit of olive oil or a combo of a small amount of butter plus canola oil.  Don't cook at too high.  Just sear your steak or chicken in an oven proof fry pan and then put the whole thing in the oven for a while to finish the cooking.  You don't need a lot of oil.  Once you take your meat out deglaze the pan with red or white wine or else beef or chicken stock and maybe a tsp. of jam (grape or strawberry for beef or pork and maybe marmalade or apricot for chicken or pork), reduce a bit and you have a nice sauce.
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Maybe trying a George Forman Grill would help....no lard needed...much healthier and a great steak....burger....grilled veggies too. Very quick and easy.
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I don't fry food either, too messy!

Chef's hats are at kitchen stores or online. You could also just use a bandana-type cover for your hair.

I use small amounts of fats just to bring the flavor out. Alton Brown convinced me to cook with some fats as the flavors of some foods require the fat to bring it out. Usually I poach, bake, broil, or use the crockpot to cook meals. I will occasionally saute in small amounts of olive oil with a tablespoon of margarine or butter to help with browning. I will use vegetable oil for high temp cooking as the smoke point for EVOO is lower and I hate the flavor of burnt oil.

The ventilation fan is always on and the back door is open.
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I honestly started frying almost all the time ever since I got married and moved out of my parents' house. I thought it was the fastest way to cook  to allow me to do other things like cleaning the cat box, doing laundry etc (after being at work for 12 hrs). But I can't take this anymore. I will definitely stop frying. I don't even like what I cook any ways. I used to eat healthy foods...never fried foods, but I had all the time in the world with an 8 hr job and my mom cooking for me (and obviously cooking only healthy foods for me) I think I need to adjust to my new life and I can certainly do it. I just have to find the right equipment, stuff that will make my life easier and will make me feel better about myself regarding the way I cook. I have used a towel to cover my hair, but all my towels are very, very big and I always end up with an uncovered hair and a towel on the floor.
I will get a hat, stop frying, cook everything in LOW heat, and get the proper tools like grilling and BBQing equipment.

All of your suggestions are great! Thank you so very much!
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Good idea and good luck!

I think you'll even start liking your own cooking! LOL
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I will get the crock pot tomorrow :)

wannabenana, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I will get to like my cooking :)
Thank you for your help hun.

I'm very happy with all the help I've been getting. Thank you all!!
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You will LOVE the crock pot!

No more stinky hair!!!
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I can't say that I have ever had kitchen smells stick in my hair from cooking either. But I did fall asleep one time while frying chicken and it burned so bad it was like a big lump of charcol stuck in the pan. My house smelled like something similar to wet chickens for about 2 weeks.
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Crecco, good one!!  LOL  

Prettykitty if you don't fry your foods you hair will not smell. I've noted that employees that work at restaurants that fry a lot of food "smell" like hot grease. Wisconsin is famous for the traditional Friday night fish Fry's. In some of the smaller, (and often the best) local fish fry restaurants even the guests smell like hot grease. I had a waitress tell me once that if she goes to work with wet hair that is in a tight wrap her hair does not smell. So you may want to try it.
That's not accurate. I don't fry foods and my hair absorbs smells. It doesn't matter how I'm cooking it, if it has a strong smell (like tacos, or something with onions), it sticks in my hair. It happens when I eat at restaurants too, especially Mexican restaurants.
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Tuckamore, You're right about places where frying takes place, and perhaps this hasn't happened to you, but when I go to Quiznos or Subway I get the same end result. I always leave with a stinky hair and clothes, and I don't think they fry. I just don't get it. Why does my hair have to stink no matter what I cook. Although I gotta say, cooking spaguetti is the only thing that works, but I can't eat spaguettis for the rest of my life lol.

Oh by the way, I bought the crock pot today! Now I gotta learn how to use it  :)
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It's not just frying that will make your hair smell. It's anything that's putting off an oder in the air, whether it be a soup, chili, anything that you're cooking on the stove. I especially notice it when I'm making chili. My hair will smell like chili!

PrettyKitty, you will LOVE the crockpot! Just get an easy cookbook for crockpots and start trying it out. I guarentee you'll love it!
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Thanks April, I will also get some good recipes online and try my best to cook a good, tasty, healthy meal. I'm sure I'll love it, too. It was only $15.00, God bless Target! and God bless you for that idea you had. I had no idea about the existence of a crock pot because simply, I never had to worry about cooking. It's so comfortable living with your parents. You usually notice it the most once you have left for good. Thank God hubby is considerate, and eats what I cook, and never complains. Poor man LOL

My hair smells no matter what. Even chicken in the oven makes my hair smell. Mind you, I don't put weird ingredients or unheard of herbs in my chicken. Yuk...
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The ladies are right...you will love the crock-pot. Did you get the pretty red one that they have on sale right now??? LOL. I have one too...love it. Good luck. When you figure out some great recipes...come back and share them with us. I need to try some new things. Best of luck.
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Why don't you try a bandana on your head, fold it in half like a triangle and tie it at the top of your head.
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GRose, I'm doing something similar. I'm getting a cook hat!!!  :)

sobermommy, I will certainly do so. I got a black one just because everything I have on my kitchen counter is black, you know, for matching purposes :)
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I have the same problems with cooking in the kitchen, it drives me mad  - I use BED HEAD  its like hair spray called Headrush and smells lovely..

or maybe try working a hat, or cooking the things that smell the most the day before you wash your hair.

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Since you're newly married, I have some suggestions.....,only use the kitchen when your husband is home and make sure you're naked. This will solve all your problems. You won't ever get to the point of actually cooking and then you can get him to take you out for dinner.
Lard!?????? no, really....Lard ???!!!!!!!  LMAO  I thought they banned that stuff 20 years ago.
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I like your thinking, I know if I went home and my wife was naked and said you can have me if we can go out to dinner, I'd do that!!!!!

LOL, we just threw away a few tubs of lard from the pigs we had butchered, I was going to make lye soap but never got around to it. (My Grandma used to make her own soap so I thought it would be cool, after reading it was easier and cheaper to buy soap)
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Personally, I've never had my hair smell that I know of - but if I cut onions I swear they smell for days!  LOL!!!!
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I dint get what you said that in all your years of cooking you never experienced that.  What is it that you cook is the question as any cooking brings up odours some nice and some not so nice. Mention some of the dishes you cook please.
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My hair has never smelled like the food I cook.  I make all sorts of dishes and cook daily.  
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You could try this one simple approach:  When you get in the shower, just massage the scalp and don't use shampoo.  You can use just conditioner if you feel like your hair is rather dry.  Usually just a good scalp massage and a good rinse takes care of all sorts of hair issues.  Scalp massage is said to benefit oily hair issues, too.  This is how I deal with the hair issues, even though I haven't really experienced the cooking odor issue in the hair in a long time.  Still, this should work.  You would be amazed at how well just getting into the shower or the bath either one and massaging your scalp and hair will work.
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furballsmom, I love a good scalp massage.  My eyes roll half way in the back of my head just thinking about it!!  Good suggestion.  Keeps your hair healthy AND feels terrific.  Peace
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Cooking with lard is better than some but cooking with unrefined coconut oil is the best you can use it with everything and it smells nice!
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YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ( My tools: Shower Cap, Old Bathrobe, Body Spray, Scented Candles, Baby Wipes ) I usually open the window 1st, use a plastic shower cap and an old bathrobe, don't remove them until at least 5-10 min after is done, wash my hand well, wipe my neck well with the Baby Wipes, spray plenty body spray ALL OVER even on my clothes right away flip your hair up and let it fall while spraying and  leave the window open 10-15 min after cooking or longer and light scented candles while cooking and leave them one for 1-2 hrs after ( this works for me and my daughter who's already in law school so it has been a long, long battle lol ) but I've seen sub chefs use a cap and robe set similar to the ones used in hospital and I'm not kidding once I worked in a famous catering facility and I saw them use it, hum who would know I would need it later lol ( try a little Olive Oil for your steak it even taste better, and if after you marinate your chicken ( breast ) or fish, you beat 2 eggs and dip it there and cover with bread crumbs bake it at 400 it comes out really good, crispy and it's healthier, less smelly.  Avoiding the smell of food after cooking, can be frustrating, and a big project, I'm in the same page!
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We have a healthy cooking community~!  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Healthy-Cooking/show/280

I bet they'd love your suggestions!

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Other oils are hugely more damaging to you than lard and if you exercise you will work it off anyway,vegetable oils etc.wow,Google that one if you dare.
Deep fry with olive oil it's safe it does not convert into your cancer death and will neutralise lard and finally can be used again and again as it does not degrade,it aso contains qualities that fight disease, this is a scientific and historical fact see  the heart problem stats. of Mediteranian countries.
Buy fabreeze by the way stand in the mist.
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1-Cover your hair with shower cap and scarf over your head.
2-Keep pajamas in your kitchen and wear it each time before cooking and change it after cooking.
3-there is electric home fryer with a cover so you can fry without smelling like oil.
4-get an exhaust fan and open the window
5-you can wash your body after eating, you don't have to wash your hair.

The above steps helps a lot
I have the same problem as well as every single person I know :D maybe some people just don't recognize it.
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