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Laser hair removal??

Okay, I have been thinking about getting this done as it is becoming more and more annoying to shave certain areas, mostly just my under arms and bikini area. I am Italian, so I blame my mom for all my hair issues...lol. I even have some areas on my face where I get some hair and I hate plucking! It's not so bad on my face though, But for those other 2 areas, it's a pain!! Anyone have this done and was completely satisfied with it? I am about to have my second child and we plan on taking a nice long break until we have another, so I thought maybe sometime next year I could get something done, maybe before summer. I always break out under my arms and it just hurts. I have tried everything to soothe it and different things, nothing works. I am a little nervous to get it done, because I have heard some horror stories...I should stop reading so much online. Would it be best to start with my under arms and see how it goes? Any advice on this topic?
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Ive heard that laser hair removal really stings like someone flicking a rubber band! ouch!!
Have you tried using talcum powder and a razor,it doesnt sting and prevents rash.
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Ouch...that would hurt!! I have never tried the powder...where can I get that?
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one of my best friends gets the hair on her arms and under arms removed through laser surgery
shes 18 been doin  it since she was 16 and she said it doesnt really hurt
yea u can feel i little sting every once in a while but nothing to bad
only thing is she alwayz has red marks afterwards for about a day and i always make fun of her lol
shes been tryna talk me into going with her for the longest because she dont like goin by  herself
but imma try it here probaly in the spring time after i have the baby and we have some extra money
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